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SECA solution from start to end

Sewer Equipment Company (Aust)or SECA as more commonly known, is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of equipment for cleaning, testing, inspection and rehabilitation of sewers and drains.  

In addition to offering efficient, quality distribution of sewer and plumbing equipment, SECA enhances its services by providing unmatched reporting capabilities to its CCTV customers via the industry leading WinCan Software.  

Along with SECA’s extensive product offerings, the company has a niche focus in CCTV inspection equipment – with products available from a range of brands.  

These brands and the subsequent equipment available include iPEK’s ROVION® and AGILIOS™ systems; Kepso’s QuickView AirHD and Jetscan systems; and WinCan Software. 

SECA also offers after-sale servicing and support for its cameras and systems, including upcoming Nationally Recognised CCTV courses, and has highly trained and experienced WinCan experts available for ongoing training and support.  


SECA supplies two leading iPEK products, the ROVION and AGILIOS systems.  

The user-friendly ROVION pipeline inspection system is a scalable tool with all components fully compatible with one another.  

Depending on the combination of high-quality components, inspections using the ROVION system can be completed for pipe diameters ranging from 100-2,000 mm.  

With a wide selection of high-resolution inspection cameras – including axial cameras, pan and tilt head cameras, cameras with fisheye lens or shaft inspection cameras with a rotation unit – ROVION offers a modular design that allows for growth and expansion, and the configuration flexibility to suit any operational needs.  

Similarly, iPEK’s latest generation AGILIOS system has been developed with the goal to perform inspections in all situations.  

SECA encourages those looking to lay the foundation for solid growth in the sewer inspection realm to invest in the versatile system, which consists of a coiler with a reinforced yet flexible push rod in 60 m or 100 m lengths, VC500 control panel and two different types of camera heads.  

With its operating range of up to 100 m, the AGILIOS system is suitable for inspections starting from DN50 mm and above.  

Its multi-functional VC500 control panel allows operators to carry out inspections according to predefined standards and, with a modular design, AGILIOS offers simple extension options if required.  

SECA National Technical Services Manager Colin Handley said in comparing the two, AGILIOS is a push system used in small diameter pipes with the ability to navigate around bends.  

“Conversely, the ROVION system is used in small to large diameter pipes that go between inspection openings. These are typically straight and cover a long distance up to 500 m,” he said 

Kepso and Envirosight  

SECA offers the Kepso Cleverscan equipment and two Envirosight products QuickView AirHD and Jetscan, which are suited towards manhole, sewer and pipe inspections.  

The Kepso Cleverscan system is suited towards manhole, sewer and pipe inspections.

“The Cleverscan is for inspecting manholes or shafts up to 10 m deep. It gives a very detailed analysis of the manhole with reporting capabilities,” said Mr Handley.  

By using five HD cameras and laser measurement, Cleverscan delivers a flat scan to capture images of every part of the manhole wall and a dense point cloud for 3D visualisation. 

Alternatively, the Quickview system is an instant and wireless HD view into any sewer with its high-powered zoom optics capable of assessing sewer lines rapidly – although Mr Handley said it is also targeted towards pipe inspections.  

“The Quickview is for inspecting medium to large diameter pipes – not just sewers – quickly, to determine if further inspections or cleaning are required.  

Typically, Quickview is not used to inspect manholes.”  

Similarly, Mr Handley said the Jetscan system offered by SECA is used to determine any possible further needs.  

“The Jetscan is a camera that attaches to the hose of a high-pressure water jetting truck that is used to clean pipes,” he says.  

“It is used to quickly get an understanding of a pipes condition, as well as whether or not more cleaning or further inspection is required.”  

WinCan Software  

SECA’s products are supported by WinCan software and also incorporate Wincan Web, which is a cloud-based system allowing users to upload real time inspection data, images, video and reports.  

The Jetscan system attaches to the hose of a high-pressure water jetting truck to quickly understand a pipe’s condition.

This content can then be shared to any other internet-connected device through a web browser or directly to any PC with Wincan VX software installed.  

With this level of connectivity, operators and constructors can transform the way onsite crews work with managers, engineers, clients and other personnel who may also be away from the office.  

Additionally, these prompt updates and speedy turnaround times mean contractors and utility operators face less delays and more informed collaboration.  

This software includes up-to-date training and subscription offers.  

CCTV training  

SECA has also launched nationally recognised CCTV courses in 2021.  

The courses will be provided by Asset Training using SECA’s brand new facility, in which participants can undergo face-to-face training suited towards CCTV inspection personnel, operators and supervisors.  

With its CCTV product offerings alongside these servicing and training options, SECA is continuing to cement its position as an end-to-end supplier of trenchless inspection needs.  

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This article was featured in the March 2021 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

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