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WATCH: TBM under Yarra River

Rail Projects Victoria has released a video detailing the Metro Tunnel project’s tunnelling underneath Melbourne’s Yarra River.

The Metro Tunnel TBMs are tunnelling 120 m underneath the Yarra as part of their final stretch towards Town Hall Station at depths as low as 12 m beneath the riverbed. 

The video details the extensive planning behind the operations to ensure there would be no disruptions caused above ground. 

Project operators estimate it will take approximately two weeks to cross under the Yarra, after which both TBMs Millie and Alice will travel another 300 m under Swanston street to complete the final section of tunnelling. 

Only 15 per cent of tunnelling work remains on the Metro Tunnel’s twin 9 km, 6.3 m high tunnels. 

For more information visit the Metro Tunnel website. 


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