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WSAA gives kwik-ZIP tick of approval

The spacers are used to maintain the position of a carrier pipe in a water or sewer main within an encasing pipe for pipe-in-pipe applications like sliplining and cased crossings.  

The system can be used for medium to heavy weight pipe materials including steel, ductile iron, GRP, FRP, concrete, PVC and PE and is suitable for both pressure and non-pressure pipelines in grouted and un-grouted installations. 

The HDX casing spacers use a segmented design that allows the system to be used on a range of carrier pipes from 100 to 1,668 mm OD.  

The components of the spacer are manufactured from injection moulded inert engineering thermoplastics that incorporate low friction high abrasion resistant wear pads, attached to load sharing runners. 

The WSAA provides member organisation and the general urban water industry with best practice codes and standards to help promote the use of fit-for-purpose productions and solutions.  

The WSAA appraisal processes require products to be re-certified every five years. 

For more information visit the kwik-ZIP website.  


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