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Supporting the industry’s core needs

Pipe Core prides itself on evolving and diversifying its products and offerings alongside the industry’s move to UV equipment and consumables.

After more than 13 years in operation, Pipe Core has paved a new way for its customers to receive premium trenchless materials and equipment across Australia and New Zealand.  

In 2008, after undertaking extensive research with leading brands and manufacturers in Europe, Pipe Core was founded with the intention of supplying the latest cured-in-place piping (CIPP) technologies to Australia and New Zealand.  

By working alongside global suppliers and maintaining long term relationships, Pipe Core ensures it keeps its knowledge of traditional CIPP systems sharp, while simultaneously taking on new innovations and staying ahead of industry challenges.  

With this dedication to growth, Pipe Core is now a distributor of premium CIPP pipe relining equipment and materials in Australia and NZ, with products, equipment and technologies supplied from leading manufacturers around the world.  

In addition to its CIPP expertise, Pipe Core also supports its customers in similar trenchless-driven sectors, such as drain cleaning and inspections. Included in its supply offerings are tophats, mainline and manholes, demonstrating the company’s versatility and adaptability.  

Pipe Core Manager Sergej Fast said the business’ focus within the trenchless technology and trenchless construction sector has been providing its customers with premium products and WaterMark certified liners that have been developed in conjunction with German-based manufacturer Innovative Sewer Technologies (I.S.T.).  

“The core WaterMark certified liners alongside resin systems from I.S.T. continue to be our leading CIPP products,” said Mr Fast, adding that Pipe Core’s own evolution and growth has allowed for various curing optimisations to be made available.  

UV LED curing technology  

This diversification refers to Pipe Core’s UV and LED relining offerings, with a full range of UV liners from Saertex MultiCom, Germany for gravity lines to potable water and pressured lines, and tailored UV liners from Vertiliner, Germany for the rehabilitation of manholes.  

The company’s longstanding relationship with I.S.T. means Pipe Core is now also supplying the industry with the latest UV and LED curing equipment – including the new I.S.T. Starlight UV and LED systems which can speed up and provide consistent, fast curing even in smaller nominal diameters.  

Mr Fast said by offering the latest in UV LED curing technologies from I.S.T., Pipe Core’s customers can be assured the technologies are tried and tested, and supported globally by one of the largest CIPP manufacturers.  

The I.S.T. Power CUTTER 200, which is available through Pipe Core.

Specialised equipment 

Pipe Core also assists its customers in the supply and service of specialised equipment required by installers of traditional CIPP liners and resins including milling, drain cleaning, CCTV camera inspection, and inversion equipment, as well as the latest equipment to support the installation of UV liners. In addition to the I.S.T. Starlight system, another good example from I.S.T. is its Power Cutter system that is recognised globally as the most powerful and capable inspection and milling robots in its class.  

The Power Cutter has been developed by I.S.T. as a multipurpose robot with patented inspection software that plots the location of each junction during inspection, and returns the robot to the exact location to cut out the junctions, saving significant work site time.  

The Power Cutter also provides the installers multiple tools, such as high pressure water attachments, and attachments to drive other equipment such as top hat packers, short patch packers and Quick Lock packers.  

To add to the flexibility of the Power Cutter system, I.S.T. has introduced online access which provides installers access to remote technical support and job monitoring.  

Supporting a broad range of needs 

In addition to its longstanding relationship with I.S.T., Pipe Core also distributes and supports a broad range of other leading brands to ensure its customers are supported by the latest technology and products available to the industry.  

These leading brands and the technologies available from Pipe Core include:  

UV Relining and Manhole Relining 

  • SAERTEXmultiCom®
  • Vertiliner®
  • Cosmic

CIPP and Drain Cleaning Equipment 

  • Renssi
  • Picote
  • HD-Sanierungstechnik
  • ROMbv
  • SDT
  • Hächler
  • MustangNozzles 

Drain Inspection and CCTV Equipment 

  • Ritec
  • Ridgid

Pipe Core supports its customers with specialised training, equipment service, repair and a hire fleet for customers needing to rapidly deploy the right tools for the job at hand.  

Pipe Core has certainly stepped up its product range and services to support the trenchless industry in Australia and New Zealand. 

For more information visit the Pipe Core website. 

This article was featured in the March 2021 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

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