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Primus Line® advances in Australia

It goes without saying that infrastructure for water supply will always be relevant.  

However, much of this infrastructure is ageing, with leaking or even shut down pipes underlining the necessity for renovation.  

Usually, these pipes are renewed or revitalised by dig-and-replace, but over the past few years, utilities worldwide are looking more and more for trenchless solutions.  

The advantages are clear: shorter installation times, fewer impacts on the environment and reduced costs.  

Primus Line® – engineered and manufactured in Germany – is one of these solutions, consisting of a flexible, aramid-reinforced liner and special developed end fittings.  

Since Sydney Water undertook its first Primus Line project four years ago, nearly a dozen have followed, along with the projects for other utilities, councils and mining companies throughout Australia.  

These include Urban Utilities, Hunter Water, Unity Water and Shoalhaven City Council, to name just a few.  

Primus Line technology is currently the sole solution for the rehabilitation of pressure pipelines on Sydney Water’s list of products deemed to comply with pipeline rehabilitation.  

In cases of water spilling from damaged drinking water pipelines or sewage pressure lines in hard to access areas, such as beneath a creek, rapid response is essential.  

This is why some Australian pipeline operators already have Primus Line material on stock to present fast remedy in emergency cases, with Primus Line now found in even the most remote corners of Australia.  

In Cape Lambert, Western Australia, more than 1.5 km of drinking water pipelines have been rehabilitated using the product for Rio Tinto at a site of cultural heritage sensitivity.  

Other customers from the private sector, including Melbourne Airport, have already profited from the German trenchless renewal system, but Primus Line is used for more than just the rehabilitation of potable water mains – the range of completed projects extends to sewage pressure pipes, recycled water or raw water mains as well.  

Moreover, the Primus Line has been used on projects deemed nearly impossible. Examples include a 3-in-1 solution for Hunter Water (three Primus Liners DN 450 installed in a DN 900 pipe) and a vertical pipeline of more than 100 m for Sydney Water.  

To plan and calculate the projects, Primus Line relies on its in-house engineering team that gets to work immediately from project start, ensuring the Primus Line technology is the right product to carry out the job quickly and efficiently. 

For more information visit the Primus Line website.  

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