CT-81034 TRN Webskin Left Interflow Pty Limited Jun 2021
CT-81034 TRN Webskin Right Interflow Pty Limited Jun 2021


TRACTO-TECHNIK has released video of the GRUNDODRILL 18ACS reaming out a hole in Victoria.

Onsite with JLM Underground Solutions, the video shows the 18ACS in automatic mode reaming and changing rods. 

Known as the ‘King of Rock’, the 18ACS has a stepless adjustment of torque and speed for maximum rotational power and maximum productivity and any speed.  

The machine’s fully automatic operation ensures minimal downtime, maximum productivity and relief for the machine operator, while the rotation of drill rods within the rod box Is possible during normal operation, resulting in consistent use and consistent wear of the rods. 

The 18ACS can also optionally be converted for cable-guided bores when drilling in challenging terrain and at great depths. 

For more information visit the TRACTO-TECHNIK website. 


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