YVW constructing new sewer system

Yarra Valley Water (YVW) said it was using trenchless methods to construct the new system in Eltham South, Victoria.

The new piped sewerage system will benefit approximately 300 properties and is being constructed from west to east. 

After initial design identified the potential loss of up to 200 trees, the engineering team decided to use trenchless drilling methods to bore beneath ground level which, together with smart pressure sewer technologies, will minimise disruption to the surrounding environment and community.  

The project will now result in the loss of no trees, while customers will be able to connect progressively to the new system over the next 1-2 years. 

The smart pressure sewer system includes remote monitoring of every household’s pressure pump, allowing maintenance issues to be addressed without customers needing to notify YVW. 

YVW General Manager of Growth Futures Chris Brace said the system will benefit locals and the environment.  

“Connecting to the new sewerage system will boost convenience for customers and benefit the environment,” he said. 

“Odours and pollution in waterways from septic tanks that aren’t working properly will be a thing of the past once customers transfer to the new system.” 

For more information visit the YVW network. 

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