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Increasing the HDD radius

The company’s commitment extends further than just the end product, with a key mantra to further the industry through education and knowledge-sharing. 

Although headquartered in the US, Radius HDD is continuing to make inroads in Australia and New Zealand as the word spreads about the quality and efficiency of the tools it offers.

The company works directly with HDD contractors to address any deficiencies in their current toolbox and provide the necessary equipment to allow for project success. 

Key tools

Radius HDD offers a wide variety of equipment for the market, including simple and effective tools as well as more complex and advanced pilot tools.

The company’s Radius Rock Bit is one of its most versatile and popular products, delivering greater on-grade steering control in soft conditions while letting the user navigate loose rock and solid rock terrain. 

The Rock Bit comes in a range of sizes and variations and is compatible with both Vermeer and Ditch Witch machinery.

Similarly, the Radius Cobble Bit is designed to be a very productive tool option for hard packed soil, gravel and cobble conditions. 

Gravel, loose rock and cobble have always been a challenge to navigate with offset bits and flat blades, but the centre “scoop” design of this tool effectively removes smaller loose debris while concentrating the carbide cutting surface on larger cobbles or rock.

The Cobble Bit is machined from heat treated alloy, has carbide buttons and is hard facing, making it tough enough to withstand harsh onsite environments. 

Another Radius HDD staple tool is the Single Roller Cone Bit. Also compatible with a variety of Vermeer and Ditch Witch machines, the tool’s proprietary design delivers better steering than any competitive bit, while a carbide-covered steering plate and additional carbide on the face delivers better grinding capabilities for loose rock jobs.

Radius HDD also offers its Steerable PDC Bit. Made to move rock, the Radius design is field proven to cut and steer through low to medium grade solid rock and is a must-have for any HDD professional.

All Radius tools have been designed with input from drillers in the field, resulting in strong, durable equipment that has been tested by in real conditions and proven to work. 

More than just hardware

Radius HDD is committed to continuing to expand the knowledge of not only its team, but the wider HDD and trenchless industry.

That’s why it always works with HDD professionals to discover which tools work best in what situations, what new challenges workers are facing and where new innovations can be formulated.

The company welcomes the chance to educate the market on the capabilities of its inventory and is consistently seeking to modify and improve its on equipment to get the best results.

This knowledge sharing has never been more important, with HDD and other trenchless installation methods continuing to grow in popularity, both in Australasia and worldwide. 

Radius HDD knows tools and the industry.

For more information visit the Radius HDD website.

This article is featured in the June 2021 edition of Trenchless Australasia.

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