Adept at sewer installation

Adept Civil Group specialises in the supply and installation of water and sewerage drainage pipelines, pump station and associated services around Victoria.

The company was recently engaged by Drapers Civil Contracting Pty Ltd to help install a reticulated sewer for a development in Geelong.

Adept Civil has been in business for more than 20 years, providing water and sewerage services across Melbourne and the wider Victorian region.

The company is committed to developing long term professional relationships, with an aim to ensure optimal outcomes for clients, who can be confident in the knowledge that it complies with all relevant industrial codes, licenses and laws. 

The Adept Civil team consists of experienced engineers, supervisors, machine operators pipe specialists, labourers and experienced project managers, all with experience in small and large projects around Victoria.

The company was recently engaged by Drapers Civil Contracting – a highly regarded civil contractor operating in the Geelong region – to complete works on the Highview Estate Development project. Drapers chose to work with Adept for the job because of its well-known performance, reliability and problem-solving capabilities.

The project would see the installation of 700 m of pipeline for a 150 mm reticulated sewer, with Adept Civil continuing its track record of successfully completing high-risk jobs.

Adept Civil was tasked with installing approximately 170 m of 180 mm PE pipe after drilling with a 350 mm pilot head.

The company used the Vermeer Axis GB812 laser-guided boring system for the project due to its precise drilling capability and vacuum extracting method which eliminated any spoil left in the bore hole.

To minimise the environmental impact of the boring works, these were located in the Vic Roads reserve adjacent to the Geelong Ring Road.

One of the main challenges encountered during drilling was the varying ground conditions in the region; however, Adept Civil was able to overcome any difficulties due to the many cutting tools available for the Axis machine and the experience of the team. 

Committed to safety and the environment

Adept Civil is known for its complete commitment to safety, both of its employees and the general public. Through its in-house training and meticulous site management practices, the company continues to work towards its goal of zero workplace injuries. 

Adept Civil has the same commitment to the environment, aiming to minimise pollution created during any works process and continually monitor its impacts on the environment through ongoing reports, audits and inspections.

The company minimises the impact of its activities on the surrounding environment through adherence with its Environmental Management System, which complies with relevant legislation and the requirements of the xurrent edition of AS/NZS ISO 14001.

This Environmental Management System allows for the setting of environmental objectives and targets at both the corporate workplace and project levels and provides the framework to ensure these objectives and targets are assessed and reviewed on an annual basis.

For more information visit the Adept Civil Group website.

This article is featured in the June 2021 edition of Trenchless Australasia.

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