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Rangedale ticks all the boxes

Rangedale is an industry leader in the construction, maintenance and repair of drains across Victoria and New South Wales, with the expertise, capability and scale to complete jobs that other companies can’t.

Rangedale runs an extensive and modern fleet of industrial vehicles, along with the latest IBAK cameras, jetting units, combination/vacuum units, excavators, tippers and other specialised relining equipment, tools, plant and safety equipment purpose-built for service.

Earlier in 2021, the Rangedale team was engaged to provide specialised cold cutting services on a 600 mm diameter redundant sewer main in central Melbourne.

During pre-inspection and risk assessment works, the pipeline showed high lower explosive limits (LEL) coming from inside the main, ruling out the use of conventional cutting methods due to the risk of explosion. 

Access to the job face was also a challenge due to the pipeline’s location under a roadway; however, Rangedale offered turnkey services to complete all components of the project scope, including specialised traffic management and civil services to excavate and trench around the pipe to allow access for crews and equipment

These civil works also involved shoring of the excavated trench and setting up safe access and egress to the job face.

Once safe access was established, Rangedale employed the cold cutting method to complete the works as it would eliminate the risk of explosion. 

The team used ultra-high water jetting technology, coupled with a specialised tracking jig and cold cutting to obtain a symmetrical cut along the pipeline, and ancillary vacuum truck services were also provided by Rangedale to recover the wastewater generated during the works.

Rangedale says the project was a great opportunity for the company to showcase its overall skillset by delivering all the core components of the job, with its Industrial team well supported by Rangedale Civil, Rangedale Drainage and its RTM Traffic Team.

Rangedale provided a comprehensive service onsite, including traffic management.

Rangedale says it provides its customers with a comprehensive service, as the Rangedale Group of Companies is vertically integrated, allowing solutions using all in-house services. 

With the scale of its fleet, personnel, industry knowledge and expertise, Rangedale is the first choice when it comes to drain cleaning, manhole construction and manhole relining, inspection, maintenance and repair, utility locating and mapping, service proving, saw cutting, restoration, relining, non-destructive digging, CCTV, traffic management, asphalting, civil works, industrial cleaning, bulk liquid and slurry waste management.

The company has sufficient labour, resources and equipment which provides it with the flexibility of allocating high priority to emergency works, the ability to work 24×7 to complete works that may be located in high traffic areas or if high flows prevent day works.

The staff at Rangedale pride themselves on a strong work ethic, always putting safety first and carrying out every job with commitment and professionalism.

Since its establishment in 2003, the Rangedale philosophy has simply been “keep it running”, and this attitude permeates through every project and every challenge the company takes on.

For more information visit the Rangedale website. 

This article was featured in the June 2021 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

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