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Pullback completed in NT

Spiecapag and subsidiary HDI Lucas have successfully completed the pullback at the APA Group Channel Island Bridge Pipeline replacement project.

The project is replacing a short section of smaller diameter pipeline on the existing Channel Island Bridge with a pipeline to be installed under Darwin Harbour using horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

This week, HDI Lucas reported the team had completed the HDD project despite a variety of challenges onsite.

“[The] 200 mpa+ rock, compound curve, 1,300 m+ drill length and minimum radius for installation were many of the challenges that the team had to plan for,” the company said on social media.

“A focus on keeping everyone safe everyday has been the key to making this project a success.”

Channel Island Power Station is the primary power generation facility for Darwin and its surrounding areas.

The power station fuel gas comes through the existing Amadeus Gas Pipeline and, in the area around Channel Island, the pipeline generally follows the Channel Island Road and is attached to the side of the existing Channel Island Bridge.

The replacement project will ensure the pipeline can be monitored on an ongoing basis to maintain its integrity.

HDI Lucas said it is now making final preparations for its next set of works in Perth which will include 12 HDD crossings.

For more information visit the HDI Lucas website.

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