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New tech locates leaks through sound detection

TasWater has implemented new technology to identify and combat water loss in Tasmania.

‘Zonescans’ work by listening for leaks that may not be visibly detected. 

Around 40 devices have been deployed at regular intervals throughout the water pipeline network and allows TasWater to pinpoint the exact location of leaks through correlation techniques.  

The utility’s State of the Industry Report identified unaccounted for water as an area in need of improvement, with most leaks are brought to TasWater’s attention through customer reporting.   

If sweeping is carried out frequently, this technology will help identify unreported leaks.  

This is a more proactive approach to leak detection, rather than identifying and resolving reported leaks only.  

TasWater Acting Department Manager for Asset Strategy and Performance Matt Jordan said that it helped the utility to locate leaks of which they were aware but could not find.  

TasWater is currently targeting areas with a higher number of leaks and bursts but hopes this initiative will be employed more broadly in the future. 

For more information visit the TasWater website. 

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