Rangedale Hi-Rail hits Melbourne underground

Rangedeale has carried out highly specialised drain cleaning for Melbourne’s Metrorail tunnels using its Hi-Rail Combination unit.

Rangedale is one of the market leaders in drain construction, maintenance and repair across Victoria and New South Wales. 

This week, the company completed specialised drain cleaning works in Melbourne’s underbelly, with its industrial Hi-Rail Combination unit used to clear and clean pipes on the Metrorail tunnels under the operation of highly trained personnel. 

Alongside drain cleaning, the company specialises in manhole construction, asphalt, hydro-excavation, industrial cleaning and more.  

The company is equipped with a fleet of industrial vehicles, combination drain cleaning units, and hydro excavation units to carry out highly specialised tasks on an industrial scale.   

Rangedale’s industrial vacuum units have both wet and dry vacuum capability for a range of industrial material recovery.  

Recent Rangedale projects have included viaduct cleaning on the West Gate Tunnel Project and tunnelling for South East Water in Caulfield.  

Since its establishment in 2003, the Rangedale philosophy has simply been “keep it running”, and this attitude permeates through every project and every challenge the company takes on. 

For more information visit the Rangedale website. 

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