VAPAR technology creates smart sewer and stormwater solutions

With an end-to-end solution for smart pipe management, VAPAR is growing its partnership with both industry and technology partners.

Sewer and stormwater sectors are challenged with ageing infrastructure and limited budgets, with much of the industry still using traditional methods to manage the pipe condition assessment processes, despite emerging technology and new opportunities enabling smarter work practices.

The current environment requires a rethink of how best to manage these networks, and VAPAR’s philosophy since inception has been to empower engineers and project managers to achieve more in less time.

By identifying inefficiencies and developing solutions through software innovation, VAPAR is revolutionising the industry with artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud storage technology.

Key benefits include automated defect coding with more than 5x faster results compared to manual methods, accuracy and consistency through algorithm-based processes, informative risk-based insights and a secure central location for all files.

In 2021, VAPAR launched its partner program of industry experts, bringing the VAPAR benefits directly to councils and utility companies and, since July, Veolia and Interflow have been at the forefront of this partnership.

Veolia develops smart water offerings that contribute to improving operational performance, and in 2020, the company joined forces with VAPAR to combine network operations and AI. 

Leading pipeline infrastructure company Interflow recently partnered with VAPAR to revolutionise its condition assessment service offering through the power of AI. 

Interflow Operations Manager Jason Dearing is optimistic that its partnership with VAPAR will result in tangible benefits for local councils and water authorities alike.

“By improving the efficiency and accuracy of our CCTV pipeline surveillance, we aim to save our customers time and money,” said Mr Dearing.  

“This will also benefit the communities in which we work, by streamlining projects so that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.”

With the power of AI, cloud technology, and working with its ecosystem, VAPAR is rapidly digitising and centralising pipe assessment workflows.

For more information visit the VAPAR website.


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