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CEA on target with new HDD tool

New from CEA is the Subsite Marksman HDD – a technologically advanced and easy to use piece of equipment for directional drillers who require a locating device.

Since acquiring Ditch Witch in 2020, CEA has been focused on being a one-stop-shop for consumers for the sales, service and support of top-quality construction equipment for the horizontal directional drilling (HDD) industry.

The company is continuing this commitment to quality through the introduction of the Subsite Marksman HDD, available through all CEA branches in key capital cities around Australia.

The Subsite Marksman provides superior performance in high-interference environments with the industry’s widest range of frequencies in a single beacon.

The locating device scans the most usable frequencies and selects the best choice to avoid interference, with its increased beacon power signal improving performance at extended depths and dual-power mode providing consistent performance across housing sizes.

An evolution of an already popular and established product, the Subsite Marksman is simple to use and easy to understand thanks to a larger display.

The Subsite Marksman HDD is an advanced locating device for directional drillers.

Operators have a choice of interface – the Classic View or the new Marksman view featuring intuitive graphics and clear data – and a simple single toggle control with no extra triggers or buttons to increase productivity. 

The Subsite Marksman also uses advanced locating methods to allow the user to employ their preferred method of locating – the Walkover Mode lets the user pinpoint drill-head location with peak and null techniques, while the Drill-To Mode extended range enables the drill operator to make real-time corrections further out, thereby improving bore accuracy.

The product comes with integrated GPS standard and Bluetooth compatibility with the users preferred GPS device, and its 2,000-foot (610 m) range between the tracker and drill operator allows for even more productivity. 

Only recently launched, the Subsite Marksman has already generated considerable interest in the market, and CEA says it is confident customers will find the product simple and easy to operate, regardless of their level of experience in the HDD industry.

Committed to the industry

CEA says products like the Subsite Marksman are indicative of the company’s dedication to the drilling sector, and it is continually searching for new ways to support its customers.

The product compliments CEA’s already-complete line up of Ditch Witch directional drills, drill pipe, HDD tooling, vacuum excavators, trenchers, chain, teeth, sprockets, mini-skid steers, and vibratory plows, all of which are available on the market today.

The Ditch Witch range has a great deal of emphasis on power in each and every machine produced, ensuring it can withstand the demands placed on it during daily or regular use.

CEA supplies a diverse range of equipment to many industries including construction, agriculture, government, defence, waste management, mining and civil works, and the company remains committed to quality and efficiency in sales and aftersales support.

For more information visit the CEA website. 

This article was featured in the June 2021 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the magazine on your PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device, click here.

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