NQWIA moves to new headquarters

The North Queensland Water Infrastructure Authority (NQWIA) will relocate from its current location in Currajong, Townsville, to Bowen in North Queensland

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development Barnaby Joyce said the relocation would deliver an economic boost to the region and present an unprecedented growth opportunity. 

“This shift will see the North Queensland Water Infrastructure Authority strategically located adjacent to the proposed Urannah Dam, and the same region where we are building the Big Rocks Weir project and investigating a future Hells Gates Dam,” Minister Joyce said. 

“North Queensland is also where we will start on the long-term nation-building task of expanding irrigated agriculture by moving a portion of the abundant resource of water west.”

The Authority is set to become an expanded organisation with the region holding enormous agricultural opportunities. 

“This will of course require new dams and pipelines. It will be a major undertaking and will change our vision for the future of that region for decades to come.”

Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen welcomed the announcement, stating the move would better secure the region’s water future and drive economic recovery. 

“This move will create skilled, highly paid jobs in the region, encouraging new families to move to the region to support the local economy, including local businesses and service providers,” Mr Christensen said.

This development follows the Government’s announcement of a National Water Grid Connections funding pathway, to improve water reliability across the nation. 

For more information visit the NQIA website. 

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