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Wilmot installs largest ever UV liner

Wilmot cured-in-place liner

Wilmot Pipelining is an industry leader in trenchless solutions for underground infrastructure rehabilitation.

The company’s largest and most recent project took place in Oakhampton under the Hunter Valley Flood Mitigation scheme.

The New South Wales Department of Industry Local Land Services tendered for the repair and relining of 17 sites throughout the Hunter Valley region in mid 2020.

According to Wilmot Managing Director Andrew Wilmot, two of the company’s competitors said the job could not be done, stating relining in this particular Oakhampton site was not possible.

This project was fast-tracked due to the collapse of a section of the existing culvert during the April floods, leaving a large and dangerous sinkhole in the road liable to cave.

Using UV technology and the existing concreted invert, the team at Wilmot was able to pull through a glide foil followed by the liner, having engaged German partner Brandenburger to manufacture a custom liner for the site.

The Wilmot team also tested the liner prior to the 255 m installation with a site test sample flown in from Germany in June to confirm the suitability of the liner for the site conditions.

The trial worked perfectly and the 255 m of the custom liner was ordered by the engineering team. 

The Wilmot crew made the site safe in May by excavating 14 m underground to the collapsed culvert and installing box shoring for the access point to pull through both the upstream and downstream liners, making up 255 m in total.

Upon the arrival of the liners, the Wilmot team operated for six days straight around the clock and the liners were cured.

Mr Wilmot said he was very proud and humbled by the company’s achievement.

This milestone has now put Wilmot Pipelining on the map as a national industry leader in large pipeline CIP relining projects. 

For more information visit the Wilmot Pipelining website.


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