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No-dig innovator takes service to new heights

Tracto-Technik equipment

TRACTO-TECHNIK continues to enhance its innovative machinery and trenchless expertise, which, when paired with a strong commitment to customer service and a constant eye on the future, is helping solidify its reputation as much more than an equipment dealer.

TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia is a TRACTO-TECHNIK Group company, offering comprehensive service and consultation from experts who truly care about resource-friendly and sustainable drilling solutions.

TRACTO is the country’s key manufacturer of devices and machines for trenchless technology.

Headquartered in Brisbane, the company recently invested in larger premises in Luscombe, demonstrating a commitment to increasing its inventory to support the Australian and New Zealand markets.

TRACTO is backed by a unique portfolio of products including cutting-edge drilling equipment and advanced digital solutions.

Daniel Toms is TRACTO’s Sales Manager for Australia and New Zealand, responsible for managing key stakeholders and developing meaningful, lasting relationships with customers.

Alongside his client service skills, Mr Toms also has comprehensive product knowledge and an intimate understanding of the company’s mission.

“We have developed a strong and ever-increasing customer base with an appetite for high quality and innovative trenchless solutions,” he says.

“We are not a dealer, and we feel this positions us very well as our clients are dealing directly with the manufacturer.”

The TRACTO-TECHNIK Group provides financial, administrative and marketing support to the Australian company, as well as providing direct access to technical and engineering support in real time.

According to Mr Toms, the team believes in guiding customers through all stages of the product process, from purchase to training and after sales support.


The TRACTO-TECHNIK team at its facility in Luscombe, Queensland.
The TRACTO-TECHNIK team at its facility in Luscombe, Queensland.

A market leader

Founded in 1962 and operating out of Australia since 2001, TRACTO is a pioneer and innovator of trenchless technology.

What began as a humble family-owned company now has 350 worldwide patents and more than 600 employees globally.

For more than 20 years, TRACTO Australia has been building its reputation as a leader in trenchless technology for pipe installation and renewal.

Whether it is for supply of clean water, electricity, gas, telecommunications, or the renewal of waste pipelines in urban areas, TRACTO is committed to delivering the essentials for life.

“TRACTO is the only full-service provider of trenchless technology worldwide,” says Mr Toms.

“From soil displacement hammers to complex horizontal directional drilling, we have a solution for all relevant forms of this technology.”

TRACTO now has many patented no-dig solutions to its name, with one of the first true trenchless products ever to be produced: the GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammer.

“Advanced trenchless technology reduces the negative impacts of huge interventions in our living spaces that arise in conventional upgrading and development. This is what we stand for,” says Mr Toms.

The company is always responding to the rapid changes in the world and its demand for innovative, sustainable construction solutions.

“Our unique range of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) systems continues to distinguish itself, with increased digitalisation and automation. These products are a primary focus for us at present and moving forward for this region.”

Customer-first expertise

TRACTO is made up of a team of dedicated professionals with a strong understanding of the industry.

The group comprises experienced team members, long-term employees and seasoned operators within the construction sector.

“We have built a global network with our affiliated companies in England, France, Australia, Africa and the United States,” says Mr Toms.

Despite its global reach, TRACTO Australia places a strong emphasis on the specific requirements of the domestic market.

“Our regional hub makes us a neighbour in our locale, deeply rooted socially. Our connection to our homeland secures reliable jobs for employees and ensures we are a real local advocate,” he says.

TRACTO has a strong relationship with its customers, with products perfected over time based on end user feedback.

“A vast amount of money is fed back into the business to explore new ideas and find new solutions for customer’s problems,” says Mr Toms.

“Once new products are developed, they are subjected to rigorous testing before being released to the international market. This is how TRACTO has gained a reputation for premium product with quality and longevity. This gives our clients a strong return on investment over a longer period of time.”

The company is becoming increasingly relevant as a company for its sustainable and future-oriented approach.

“We are optimistic, modern and digital,” the company says.

“We embody technological leadership and innovative spirit.”

Mr Toms says the team are committed to further building their portfolio and meeting the market with new equipment designs. TRACTO will continue to roll out new ranges of HDD machines in different classes and the team already has a number of new product releases planned for the future.

For more information visit the TRACTO-TECHNIK website.

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