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Breakthrough technology for breaking down drain blockages

Drainchem introduces breakthrough technology for drains: the new Warthog Switcher is a two-pronged attack on drain build-up.

Drainchem is the go-to source for drain maintenance products and solutions.

The leading supplier of drain and pipe maintenance and testing equipment in Australasia, Drainchem has been equipping the service and repair industry for more than 25 years.

Removing calcified grease, mineral deposits and tree roots from drains can be a challenge, so having the proper tools in your arsenal is essential for ensuring the wellbeing of your drains, removing the need for open trench rehabilitation and protecting against repeat passes.

Drainchem is now distributing the latest breakthrough technology for the sewer industry: the Warthog WGR Switcher.

A product of innovation, it enables the operator to switch between two distinct tool functions without the need for adjustment. 

With two sets of jetting angles in one tool, the Warthog Switcher eliminates the need for changing nozzles.

One set of jet angles provides efficient pulling power, while the other setting is angled for highly effective cleaning.

The operator can seamlessly switch between pulling or cleaning while still in the line.

The Warthog Switcher economises on time and resources by eliminating the extra runs needed to swap between nozzles.

This means an operator can run more jobs with only one tank of water. Switching to pulling jets maximises thrust power, while cleaning jets are suitable for clearing debris and cutting roots.

Using the Switcher is nearly 50 per cent faster and 35 per cent more water economical than using a traditional rotational or fixed nozzle combination.

Case study

 One client was recently faced with the challenge of a 50-year build-up of calcium deposit in PVC municipal pipe.

The line travelled through a railway tunnel, necessitating traffic closure and substantial preparation work. Initial work progressed at a maximum of 9 m per day with minimal removal of the deposits from the pipe wall.

The client approached an official Warthog distributor and was recommended a Warthog Switcher nozzle. 

Because the Switcher contains two independent sets of jet angles, the full power of the water from the pump could be directed against the layers of deposit.

Hard-hitting angled jets broke through the material and directed water between the deposits and the pipe wall, pulling it down in sheets.

In the cleaning mode, no water is wasted for pulling that is not needed. A repeat engagement of the pulling jet angles created a flow that removed debris efficiently down the line. 

The Warthog Switcher removed the hard deposits completely at a rate of 175 m per day: a significant productivity improvement over the previous method.

Not only did it do so more effectively – it reduced the time taken to clear the deposits, saving on fuel, labour and disruption to traffic.

“I am impressed by the Switcher nozzle and its performance; everyone should have such a tool on their truck,” says client Christian Sørensen.

“Our company continues to use the Switcher whenever confronted by difficult obstacles, and success is guaranteed.”

For more information visit the Drainchem website. 

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