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Future-proofing Victorian water infrastructure

Water pipes

Infrastructure Victoria released its revised 2021 – 2051 Strategy in August in response to the changing climate and associated risks.

The report is a 30-year infrastructure strategy, to be reviewed and updated every three to five years, providing written advice to governments on specific infrastructure matters. 

The report stated that new infrastructure must account for function in a warmer, drier climate and be resilient to more extreme weather. 

It reads, “The infrastructure decisions Victoria makes now will affect its climate change response in coming decades and constrain future choices”.

On Monday, VicWater commented that it was pleased to see the report acknowledged the impact of climate change on water storage and infrastructure and how that in turn impacts the Victorian water sector. 

Infrastructure Victoria expects that a warmer, drier climate will mean less rainfall flowing into Victoria’s rivers and dams, putting more pressure on urban water supplies. 

VicWaters said it is keen to explore all recommendations, including increasing funding to strengthen agricultural water security to modernise irrigation and water infrastructure. 

Click here to view the full report. 


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