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Hydro excavation on Brisbane’s Southbank

KOR Cappellotto Combo Vac Units for PMA

Pipe Management Australia (PMA) has a strong working relationship with KOR Equipment Solutions, operating its quality range of Cappellotto equipment over a range of projects for many years.

Recently PMA was contracted by a valued client to conduct two hydro excavation projects on Southbank on the picturesque Brisbane River.

Pipe Management Australia (PMA) has been an Australian leader in non-destructive digging (NDD), also known as hydro excavation, for more than a decade. Operating up and down the east coast of Australia, the company’s staff were some of the first field technicians to perform these services anywhere in the country.

As PMA has grown its operation, it has not only refined the hydro-excavation skills of its team, but also grown its fleet, including powerful Cappellotto Combo Vac Units courtesy of KOR Equipment Solutions – two of which were recently deployed in Southbank.

A tricky operation

Southbank is Brisbane’s premier lifestyle and cultural destination, featuring colourful gardens, lush green lawns, a rainforest, manmade beach, and walking and cycling paths like the Clem Jones Promenade. Delivering hydro excavation in such a public and treasured space presented the PMA team with some challenges.

Services needed to be uncovered in a garden bed located near the beach area, with space for a vehicle reasonably tight. PMA employed one of its smaller Cappellotto CAP Combi CL 1500 4 x 2 multipurpose Combo Jet Vac units fitted with a 6-inch (152 mm) boom to gain closer proximity to the garden area.

Meanwhile, the second PMA crew had to excavate a trench for an electrical conduit to be laid. A Combo Unit was unable to get close to the work zone as it was located on the far side of a large expanse of lawn, next to a play area.

Due to the location, more than 45 m of vacuum hose was required, powered by the Cappellotto CAP Combi 3200 CL Hydro 8’ 8×4 Unit, suited for vacuum loading over longer distances. These KOR Combo Units, coupled with the advanced experience of PMA’s operators, made for an exceptional result for PMA’s Client.

KOR has worked closely with PMA for many years in providing the highest quality equipment and support to achieve excellent outcomes.

KOR vacuum for PMA
More than 45 m of vacuum hose was required for the job in Brisbane.

A market leader

In addition to the CAP Combi 1500 CL and 3200 CL Combo units, KOR has an extensive range of vacuum and hydro excavation equipment operated by a diverse base of quality customers across many different applications. It is not just the quality design and superior performance of the Cappellotto trucks – when combined with KOR’s outstanding customer commitment, aftersales servicing and support, its customers enjoy improved efficiencies and increased productivity.

It has been an upward trajectory for KOR since inception 10 years ago, with the company growing its national footprint rapidly to become a market leader and industry heavyweight. At the forefront of KOR’s success is the dedicated and experienced team who have changed the industry landscape by continually delivering customers superior results.

Due to this ongoing success, Managing Director Stephen Pewtress was open to further expanding the operation and established the exclusive distribution for Schwarze Industries Sweepers. Schwarze had been looking for a partner to strengthen its position in Australia and was aware of KOR’s reputation and commitment and an agreement was reached that commenced on 1 July 2021.

“We are delighted to have the opportunity to distribute world class Schwarze sweeping equipment alongside our high quality Cappellotto products,” says Mr Pewtress.

“We are proud of what we have achieved in our first 10 years of business. Now with Schwarze sweepers on board, we are very excited about the future.

“Customer engagement across our region is exceptionally high. The trust in KOR our clients have is reflected in our drive to continue to reinforce our service delivery. This underpins the strength of the Cappellotto and Schwarze brands in Australia and New Zealand.”

For more information visit the KOR Equipment Solutions website.

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