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ASTT offers courses at NDDU

No-Dig Down Under (NDDU) 2022 will feature three training courses that will be presented by international leaders of their representative fields.

Originally developed by the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT), the ASTT has licensed the training courses and adapted the material for Australasian audiences. 

The courses are considered the global industry standard for trenchless technology education. 

The training courses include:

  • Sewer Laterals Good Practices
  • Horizontal Direction Drilling (HDD) Good Practices
  • New Installation Methods Good Practices

The Sewer Laterals Good Practices Course will be presented by Ben Norton, a Nuflow group trainer. 

The course offers a clear understanding of the problems and relevant issues unique to the private lateral portion of the collection system network.

The HDD Good Practices Course will be hosted by Ben Crosby, ASTT Queensland councillor and managing director at Bamser. 

The course presents the key elements of a successful HDD project from planning to job completion, as well as providing the opportunity to meet with a number of HDD specialists in the field.

The Trenchless Methodologies Introduction is presented by Justin Shepherd, ASTT Victorian Councillor and Group Technical Director at McConnell Dowell, and Blair Telfer, ASTT Vice President and New Zealand Councillor.

This course provides an introduction and overview of commonly used, as well as new, trenchless installation methods for the accurate installation of new utilities, services, casings, or other underground facilities.

Registration is $490 for ASTT members and $590 for non-members and members can earn CPD points. 

Class sizes are capped so book now to avoid disappointment.

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