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CT-88109 tower ads Dec 2021

CRL completes contract at Britomart

City Rail Link’s (CRL) C1 contract at Britomart Station has ended after being one of the most complex engineering challenges undertaken in New Zealand.  

CRL chief executive Sean Sweeney said more than five years of exceptional and innovative work, pushing construction techniques to new limits, delivered an outstanding result – preserving Auckland’s historic past while building a world class railway for a modern city.  

“Achieving all that required some astonishing engineering – we pushed accepted construction boundaries with some amazing innovative techniques,” Sweeney said.  

Britomart Station remained fully operational with a connecting door separating busy platforms from a construction site, while 14 thousand tonnes of a building with a top heritage rating were safely transferred on to temporary foundations. 

C1 was one of the earliest contracts for New Zealand’s largest transport infrastructure project to revitalise the city’s rail network.  

The $4.4 billion CRL project connects Britomart and the Mt Eden Station on the Western Line with tunnels about three kilometres long under central Auckland.   

 CRL is expected to finish in late 2024 and will double the number of people living within 30 minutes of travel of the central city with train services that will be more frequent and faster.  

This is after the City Rail Link’s tunnel boring machine broke through into the Karangahape Station construction site on October 17. 

The machine, named Dame Whina Cooper, breached a 100-millimetre-thick protective wall of concrete into the station cavern, 32 metres below ground. 

 Auckland’s recent five-week-long COVID lockdown delayed the TBM’s planned September breakthrough, but tunnelling was able to resume at full speed when lockdown restrictions eased and the TBM arrived ahead of its rescheduled November deadline.  

 The TBM is due at Aotea Station in early 2022, where it will be connected with the tunnels already built from Britomart and under the lower end of Albert Street. 

The TBM will then be disassembled and trucked back to the Mt Eden site for another journey back to Aotea Station. 

For more information visit the CRL website.  

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