Upgrade to Redbanks water main

SA Water has announced the commencement of a new pipes project in the state’s lower north region of Redbanks.  

The project is part of the state’s $155 million four-year water main management program.   

The new pipes laid beneath Verner Road will be the first of 47,000 m of water mains embedded into the ground, enabling SA Water customers to have access to water from regional South Australia.   

SA Water’s general manager of sustainable infrastructure Amanda Lewry said the new pipes will be made of PVC, a more resistant pipe material to soil movement, in contrasting to the previous pipes made from fibro-cement.  

“Continuing to invest in upgrades to our water network, like here in Redbanks, is an important part of how we can deliver trusted water services for our customers,” Lewry said.   

SA Water acknowledged that despite soil movement and other environmental factors being major contributing risks to leaks and breaks, the new water main replacement will be able to heavily limit frequency of disruptions.  

“With water mains having a lifespan of up to 100 years, these news pipes ensure we can continue to deliver clean, safe drinking water to local customers well into the future”, said Lewry.  

SA Water aims to complete all works within eight weeks, with construction likely taking place Monday to Friday between 7 am to 5 pm within Redbanks.  

“For the safety of our people and the local community, we ask residents and road users to please take not of localised traffic management in place while the works are underway,” Lewry said.  

“We will also ensure our customers are notified of any temporary water supply interruptions that are necessary when we move their connections over from old to new pipes.” 

For more information visit the SA Water website

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