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Success for Thames Water with Scanprobe’s TrapJumper


Costly excavations were avoided at a block of flats in London thanks to Scanprobe’s TrapJumper, exclusively available in Australia and New Zealand through Pipe Core.

A blocked trap at a block of flats in the suburb of Bromley was causing internal flooding throughout the building.

It was clear that the drainage system was compromised, but where exactly in the series of traps and DN150 pipes was unknown.

The local water authority Thames Water needed to understand the condition of the traps to determine if rehabilitation works were necessary.

In order to push past the Buchan traps and to conduct a thorough CCTV inspection on the drainage system , Thames Water used the TrapJumper, which avoided extensive and time-consuming excavation works.

To complicate the situation further, the pipes ran under a busy bus route, making access to the flooding site very limited, with only a single access point.


It was important to limit disruption for the public, but setting up temporary access would have been inconvenient, time-consuming and costly.

Traditional push-rod cameras are often too stiff to pass through bends, so by using the TrapJumper for the job, the Thames Water team was able to successfully navigate the tight bends with its 40 m of hardwearing pushrod.

The team surveyed the downstream line all the way to the main, approximately 10 m from the access point. The TrapJumper was also able to navigate back up through the trap with ease.

Clear footage was also possible from the small but powerful camera and light, which enabled the team to clear the trap, remove all the debris and determine there were no additional defects or issues that might cause problems in the future.

As a lightweight tool specifically designed to navigate tight trap-bends and to be pushed the distance in abrasive pipes, the TrapJumper was the perfect solution for the job and  helped Thames Water avoid costly excavation work.

The TrapJumper is the latest pipeline inspection system to join the range from the UK’s Scanprobe.

The TrapJumper is suitable for a wide range of applications in the drainage, gas, and construction industries, and Pipe Core is excited to bring the range to the Australian and New Zealand market.

For more information visit the Pipe Core website.


Written by Laura Walter, Marketing and Events Coordinator, Pipe Core.

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