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Spiecapag to deliver KWOL project

Spiecapag to deliver KWOL project

Spiecapag has begun BP’s Kewdale White Oil (KWOL) project on behalf of METRONET to relocate over 11 km of pipeline from BP’s Kwinana refinery to the Kewdale terminal of Perth Airport.

The company will transport more than 11 km of horizontal directional drilling and approximately 1 km of open-cut trenching.

Spiecapag said the the community and environmental impacts of this project will be minimised by installing the bulk of the pipeline via trenchless methods.

This is after Spiecapag delivered complex horizontal directional drilling works as part of the Channel Island Bridge Pipeline Replacement Project in the Northern Territory on behalf of APA Group.

METRONET is a multi-government agency in Western Australia responsible for managing extensions to Perth’s transport network.

Spiecapag implements complex projects involving land pipelines and related infrastructures such as stations for compression, pumping or metering, and hydrocarbon storage, as well as networks for water supply or transport of ores.

Spiecapag’s services include project management, arranging finance, design and engineering, research, procurement, construction, starting-up and maintaining facilities and the training of operators, or simply ‘turn-key’ projects

For more information, visit the Spiecapag website.

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