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First of KAISER Elegance range hits east coast

Kaiser Elegance Hydrovac

Excom Civil is a small but fast-growing company specialising in pot-holing, waste recovery, site cleaning, drain cleaning and just about everything vacuum truck related. 

Excom director Ray Xerri is also the company’s site supervisor and excavator operator. This is the first new unit Xerri has purchased and also is his first piece of KAISER equipment.

Not only that, but it is the first of KAISER’s all-new Elegance 2.0 HydroVac units to hit the east coast. 

“I was in the US a couple of years ago for the WWETT (Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport) show, and I fell in love with them then,” said Xerri. 

The stand-out features of this unit, and the reason Xerri decided to go with the KAISER unit over the competition, has to do with the machine’s performance and payload. 

The KAISER Elegance 2.0 HydroVac unit has a 2,724m3/hr vacuum pump, 37L/min dedicated hydraulic excavation pump, 4,500L of fresh water, 9,800L sludge tank and genuine 7,800kg payload. 

“These guys have been building a lot of trucks for a long time. While the Australian market is still new at it, I was pretty confident in [KAISER’s] product, and we wanted reliability,” Xerri said. 

“They are an elite name and they’re only just arriving here, and we were happy to back them early.” 

The truck is also equipped with centralised greasing, one-touch pressure capabilities and remote control chassis engine start/stop while power take-offs (PTOs) are engaged, making it unmatched in the local market. 

The design of the new Elegance range is lightweight and streamlined, focused on maximising payload while ensuring full compliance with local front axle capacity limits and keeping a low centre of gravity. 

“We’ve only had it two weeks, and it’s been out every day. The operators love it; simple things make the operation a lot better, ” Xerri said. 

Xerri commended the unit for everything from the valve closures, to its high water pressure, to its safety features, and its handsome outward appearance. 

By keeping the majority of the fixed weight towards the rear and as low as possible we are able to ensure a better genuine payload and better overall vehicle stability.

For more information visit the KAISER website

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