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DN2000 manhole rehabilitation with Vertiliner

Pipe Core Vertiliner

Vertiliner – a relining solution offered by Pipe Core – is an innovative trenchless method for rehabilitating dilapidated wastewater manholes.

D&S Rohrsanierung had record-breaking success recently when the company installed a new inner lining to a DN2000 pumping station manhole using the Vertiliner system. 

The 6 m deep pumping station manhole was located in an industrial area in Gochsheim, Germany, and was used to manage incoming mixed water to ensure it flowed correctly down to the sewage treatment plant.    

Manhole before installation of Vertiliner
Manhole before installation of Vertiliner. Image: Diringer & Scheidel Rohrsanierung
Manhole after installation of DN2000 Vertiliner
Manhole after installation of DN2000 Vertiliner. Image: Diringer & Scheidel Rohrsanierung

Over time, rehabilitation became necessary as well as an upgrade to a more sophisticated system.

Conventional relining technologies may have required excavation on the site, which would have been time-consuming, costly, and would have necessitated a period of decommissioning of the pumping station.

To circumvent these interruptions, the Vertiliner® system was the cost-effective and logical solution.  

Made of high-quality GRP liner, Vertiliner is a seamless tube, impregnated with a light-cured synthetic resin that is inserted into a manhole and then cured using UV light to form a new inner relined surface on the manhole. 

The unique system is custom made off-site using the manhole measurements, and it accommodates the various changes in cross-sections present in the manhole.

Ahead of the installation job, the team set up a sewage diversion, cleaned and removed protruding objects from inside the manhole, as well as treated the bottom of the manhole with a sulphate-resistant mortar. 

Due to the scale of the project, the team also took special safety precautions to ensure the liner packer, which was also custom made, was secure by setting up a large water tank around the manhole to hold it in place. 

The Vertiliner arrived on-site wrapped in a UV-resistant and water-repellent sealing foil, while the inside of the liner product was lined with a light-permeable composite foil that was peeled off after installation.

A custom-made packer was then connected to the Vertiliner before a mobile crane lifted the packer and the liner into the pumping station manhole ready to be cured.  

Cured DN2000 Vertiliner
Cured DN2000 Vertiliner. Image: Diringer & Scheidel Rohrsanierung.

After the Vertiliner was aligned inside the pumping station manhole, compressed air was applied before the structure was cured using advanced UV technology. 

The light unit had an incredible 3 x 3,000 watts power output and the curing was carried out at an impressive speed of around 15cm/min. 

Once the curing was complete, the ends of the hose liner were cut off evenly. Existing inlets and connections were restored and transition areas laminated. 

The end result proved it was the right solution to tackle a manhole of this scale. The project was also one of the biggest Vertliners ever to be installed in Germany. 

Impressive solutions like this are why Pipe Core is the exclusive distributor for Vertiliner in Australia and New Zealand, providing its customers with unique trenchless manhole rehabilitation systems. 

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