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Water infrastructure projects to expand industry

Water infrastructure projects to expand industry

The Federal Government have announced an array of water infrastructure projects in NSW are underway as part of the NSW Connections package.

This will include the construction and upgrade of new pipelines and water storage facilities.

Together, these benefits will assist in the delivery of secure, affordable and reliable water for rural and regional Australia.

The Federal government contributed $15.8 million, and the NSW government invested $24.3 million to the project.

It will deliver 1650 megalitres in additional storage capacity as well as 4380 megalitres per annum increased water availability.

The project will also produce over 240 hectares of additional irrigable land and connect over 190 new customers or properties to the water supply.

62 jobs during construction and over 234 ongoing jobs will also be created.

One of the projects that the package covers include the Lake Wyangan Water Sustainability project, which will include a new 5.3 km pipeline to assist the local citrus industry.

Another project in the package involves the West Wyalong Water Reliability project, which will construct a new 300 megalitre off-stream storage dam.

Construction for the package is predicted to finish in the middle of 2023.

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