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The new generation of compact horizontal directional drilling

prime drilling

With 25 years’ experience and expertise in the design and construction of large HDD rigs, Prime Drilling is always working with its customers to enhance its directional drilling equipment.

Aiming for prompt and reliable delivery and service, the company has a broad international presence with equipment operating from Europe to Australia and many countries in between.

The name Prime Drilling stands for high precision and quality, coupled with continuous innovation which in turn leads to the construction and development of robust HDD systems. Using high-quality materials to develop a low-maintenance, robust and reliable drilling rig with an above-average service life, manager Ralf Kiesow says this is a result of the company’s profound know-how in drilling technique, and high production quality.

“These are the outstanding benefits for our customers and the pillars of our company´s success,” he says. “All the rigs we have built to date are still running today. There isn’t a single unit that isn’t still working out in the field. Customer focus is a key part of our ongoing service commitments and we remain in contact with each and every client that has purchased equipment from us, even after 20 years.”

Kiesow says every single rig leaving its factory is tailor-made for the customer to meet their specific requirements. He says Prime Drilling offers its customers over 200 optional features with only one objective: the manufacture of a unique drill rig. “From our inception up to the present day, commitment and enthusiasm is what has enabled us to become one of the leading manufacturers of HDD rigs,” he says.

“Driven by the desire for perfection we take pride in presenting our comprehensive range of successfully operating horizontal drilling rigs. The merging of technology and know-how result in unique products of absolute premium class.” Using only first-class materials in the development of its low-maintenance and robust drill rigs, Kiesow says Prime Drilling machines are unrivalled in performance, high production quality and perfect service.

With the company’s customers’ expressing their needs for rigs that were smaller and faster, the new generation of compact drill rigs from Prime Drilling set new standards in the performance category. Due to its perfected design and optimised components, in both weight and sizes, transport and set-up costs have been reduced to a minimum. The PD 30/12 CU and PD 45/19 CU both have a mounted CAT 7.1 ACERT power plants which incorporate the latest emission standards and adjustable cooling systems to minimise fuel consumption.

Kiesow says based on a detailed development programme and thorough the selection of quality materials and componentry, the company gets the maximum efficiency out of every part of the machine. “Further advantages to guarantee a fast, uncomplicated and economic operation for our customers include: the fully automated drill pipe magazine for 32 pipes; and the incorporation of a new hydraulic system enabling improved performance of the rig,” he says.

prime drilling
Prime Drilling encourages its customers to come with a ‘wish list’ when buying a rig.

“As a result of the powerful on-board mud pump, these machines are capable of larger dimeter holes and ready for big jobs. We remain in continuous consultation with our customers and their requirements, as well as on the basis of Prime Drilling´s 20 years’ of experience, we have succeeded in developing a drill rig which is tailor-made to meet the user´s demands.”

By cutting down on the weight, Kiesow says it still allowed the rig to have a full magazine to ensure production was fast and efficient. He says whenever the company builds a new rig it builds three at a time, which are usually sold before they are produced due to the high demand.

However, Prime Drilling has large storage areas and can react quickly, efficiently and flexibly to customers’ wishes to ensure they can source equipment when required. Offering a comprehensive after-sales service, its customers can easily procure spare parts on the local market and carry out necessary repairs by themselves.

Kiesow says despite only selling between 20 and 30 rigs a year, Prime Drilling encourages its customers to come with a ‘wish list’ when buying a rig. “Our design team tries to meet those needs, going back and forth, until everyone is happy with the final design,” he says.

“This ensures the customer gets exactly what they want and allows for us to create something new and bespoke to the clients requirements. Our technicians and designers then go out in the field and see how things perform, talk with the drillers to make sure our customers are truly satisfied.”

Prime Drilling has also introduced a remote analysis function in its rigs to allow users to see a problem before it affects production on site. Kiesow says its service team is available at short notice and its remote maintenance service can be accessed at any time.

“This means if a problem comes up the user is able to pin-point where the issue is and see what has to be replaced. If the customer can’t find the problem, they can call us on our 24/7 hotline where the technician is able to see what the driller is seeing and find the cause of the problem,” he says.

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