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The preferred rehab technology of municipalities and utilities


Alternative Lining Technologies’ (ALT) custom fabricated liners create a protective barrier from corrosive gases and groundwater infiltration.

Since 1998, ALT has been offering commercial and municipal customers peace of mind, affording a like-new condition to ageing infrastructure.

For 23 years, Alternative Lining Technologies (ALT) has been providing asset owners with the opportunity to rehabilitate – rather than reconstruct – ageing underground infrastructure. Lining solutions not only save on reconstruction projects: they also add years to sewer structures and protect against costly and damanging infiltration and exfiltration.

ALT manufactures state-of-the-art rehab solutions for manholes, wet wells, and other structures. Since their introduction in 1998, CIPM liners from Alternative Lining Technologies have met the demands of countless commercial and municipal clients for projects both large and small.

General manager Bruce Keys has worked in the sewer and wastewater construction industry for more than 35 years.

Unlike other adhesives or coatings, ALT’s CIPM liners form a complete reinforced structure within the host pipe and can cater for all sizes of underground structures.

SMS with a CIPM liner installed

The unique and patented design uses an inward-facing of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which forms an impervious barrier against corrosive sewer gas and groundwater infiltration.

The custom liner is shipped in dry to the installer, where a custom-blended epoxy resin is mixed and applied to the CIPM liner onsite. The epoxy-coated liner is then inserted into the manhole interior.

The underground liner is cured with heat and kept under pressure with steam, conforming the liner to the shape of the manhole. The continuous heat and pressure promotes high bonding strength to the substrate, and also helps the resin penetrate the substrate, forming a strong anchor.

Typically, the liner takes an hour to corm a protective barrier in the manhole. ALT uses careful processes to ensure minimal downtime on every repair job.

Flexible PCV bridges the potential cracks, while fibreglass reinforcement adds an element of added strength. Together, the layers stop soil seepage into the manhole.

CIPM liners also provide complete protection from corrosive gases. When wastewater breaks down, the bacteria in the system releases hydrogen sulphide as a byproduct. This gas converts to sulfuric acid, which is corrosive to concrete, steel, brick and most other materials.

ALT’s CIPM liners block out biogenic sulphide corrosion, eliminating the associated infrastructure deterioration, ensuring a longer life for sewer infrastructure. Liners extend from the sewage flow line to the support lip of the manhole, so all gas-exposed surfaces are lined, completely blocking corrosion and associated failure and pollution problems.

ALT’s liners are conveniently designed with clean white PVC interiors, resulting in brighter manholes for ease of inspection. The PVC protective layer is also significantly easier to clean than conventional brick manhole walls.

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