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Vermeer proudly supporting the WA State underground power project


The State Underground Power Project (SUPP) was established in the early 1990’s after severe storm damage caused major power outages across the populated South West region of WA.

The program, a partnership between the state government and local governments, is now in round six, replacing overhead power lines with a safe and reliable underground network.

Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT has been supplying horizontal directional drills (HDD) involved in the project since the early 1990’s. These include trusted models such as the D14/24P, as well as the new market-leading D23x30S3.

Vermeer continues to support WA contractors involved in the replacement of overhead power lines in established areas with a comprehensive range of HDD equipment.

An extensive product range

Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT supplies SUPP contractors with a variety of products suited for small service installations. These products are also extensively used for gas, power, water and telecommunication networks.

The innovative Vermeer D8x12 Navigator® is the smallest HDD on the market and is perfectly suited for mini pillar service crossings. Being 3.5 metres in length, the HDD can be easily set up on a suburban street verge. The HDD provides contractors the power of a large drill combined with the compact body and enhanced performance of a small drill, easy to use controls, a narrow footprint and reduced sound disruption.

The narrow-bodied Vermeer D20x22 S3 Navigator® is well suited for running LV Cables along congested suburban streets. Regarded for providing the right amount of power at the right price, the HDD also offers speed, versatility and precise control – greater than comparative drills on the market, and its predecessor the D16x20 Series II.

The Vermeer D23x30 S3 Navigator® is the most popular drill on the market, and is now also available in a Dual Rod configuration. The D23x30 S3 can drill out 125 metres suiting half of a 250 metre cable drum. Comparatively, other drills would require the 250 metre cable to be cut into three separate bores. The D23x30 S3 is also narrow enough to operate on a street verge. With a 99 dB(A) guaranteed sound power level, and an operator ear rating of 78.7 dB(A), the D23x30 S3 is one of the quietest drills in the market.

Vermeer, DCI Projects Map

Supporting Contractors on the Ground

Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT provides SUPP contractors with in-field support through Product Support Advisors. The comprehensive range of equipment used in the SUPP program is backed by a team of specially trained technicians that utilise genuine OEM parts.

Guiding Contractors All the Way

Vermeer Equipment of WA & NT also provides contractors with the peace-of-mind of accurate drilling.

Utilising the Digital Control Falcon F5 tracking system, the Vermeer Project Suite can provide contractors with a complete Pre-Bore plan. Contractors can also upload a predetermined bore path using Bore Assist onto the driller’s Aroura display, providing fail-safe accuracy along the bore path.

The DCI LWD (Log While Drilling) feature can capture rod-by-rod data along the pilot bore path, which can then be uploaded into the Vermeer Project Suit for a full As-Built completed project report.

For more information visit the Vermeer WA & NT website. 

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