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Rangedale expands civil division

Rangedale has launched a new service offering into its Civil Division – Concrete Remediation Range – aiming to break into a new area in the trenchless industry.

As the company continues to prove itself as an industry leader for drain maintenance and rehabilitation across Victoria and New South Wales, Rangedale is taking its capabilities further.

The Rangedale Group first introduced its civil division in 2009 when the company was primarily doing collapsed sewer dig-outs for waterboards across Melbourne.

Rangedale civil operations manager Mick Fuller tells Trenchless Australasia the division has quickly developed and upskilled into becoming a recognised industry specialist for repairs to damaged sewers and storm water pipes, and for constructing sewer pipe connections and extensions.

“Our civil team have the expertise, the experience, and the equipment to handle: Dig outs in excessive wet running sand and poor soil, plus closed timber sheeted up to 14m deep, construction of new manholes, dewatering of excavation and bypass pumping of sewer lines,” says Fuller.

“As our team continued to expand into becoming civil specialists, we were soon incorporating more skills such as tunnelling under buildings, trees, laneways and utilities, asphalt work, concrete cutting, hydro excavation and repairing sewers with relining methods.

“We started looking in concrete rehabilitation products such as industrial epoxy coatings for new manhole structures to protect the life of these pipes and drains. From here we’ve continued to expand this line of offering through our civil services which includes leak seal technology that seals infiltration on various concrete structure’s and additionally a geo polymer product to also rehabilitate deteriorated large diameter pipes as a structural liner.”

Fuller says the company currently has a strong focus on coatings and manholes, but is now wanting to add more products to expand its expertise.

“The main benefit and whole end-goal is to enhance the life of their customers assets non-intrusively. It is the trenchless way,” he says.

Fuller says with the technologies already there, the key is to work closely with partners and suppliers to get it out into the market effectively.

With the company’s longstanding philosophy “keep it running”, Rangedale offers the expertise, capability, resources and scale to take on projects large and small.

The Concrete Remediation Range provides a cost-effective solution in a timely, safe and industry-standard manner.

“Working with our partners is a really important aspect of the company – we come to the table with the technical and practical expertise. It is a winning solution,” Fuller says.

Ensuring its customers have a comprehensive service, Fuller says the Rangedale Group of companies is vertically integrated, allowing turnkey solutions utilising all in-house services. 

With the scale of its fleet, personnel, industry knowledge and expertise, Rangedale is the first choice when it comes to drain cleaning, manhole construction and manhole relining, inspection, maintenance and repair, utility locating and mapping, service proofing, saw cutting, restoration, relining, NDD, CCTV, traffic management, asphalting, civil works, industrial cleaning, bulk liquid and slurry waste management. 

Covering a large range of industries, Fuller says the company now has its sights set on expanding further the roads, transport and rail sectors following the addition of the Concrete Remediation Range.

The company aims to synergise more with these industries by working closely with its manufacturers and suppliers’ partners to ensure the application procedures are understood.

Fuller says this will be achieved by implementing and managing crews to ensure that they are working to a WSA approved inspection test plan.

With the overall goal to extend the life of assets, Rangedale has sufficient labour, resources and equipment which provide it with the flexibility of allocating high priority to emergency works, the ability to work 24/7 to complete works that may be located in high traffic areas or if high flows prevent day works.

“Rangedale is always on the look out for products and technology that can be of value to our  customers – that is how the company has grown to what it is today. They are all driven by the needs of existing clients,” he says. “Given our specialist nature, our team have the expertise and the equipment to deal with a range of situations that many service providers wouldn’t be able to achieve.”

For more information visit the Rangedale website

This article featured in the December 2021 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the digital magazine, click here.

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