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M. Tucker and Sons

M. Tucker & Sons is a family-owned business providing civil and trenchless drainage services since 1989. Over 30 years, the company has developed a reputation for supplying a comprehensive service in utilities and wastewater spaces, with the most up-to-date methods and technologies.

M. Tucker & Sons’ customers range from local councils, to small businesses, to large organisations across a range of sectors. The company’s services range from consultation and advisory, to civil construction and repairs, and CCTV inspection and condition assessments – but that is by no means exhaustive.

Back in July, M. Tucker & Sons completed 780 m of 540mm sewer rehabilitation at a major manufacturing plant in Traralgon. This project involved the use of all divisions in the company, from civil teams, cleaning and CCTV operators, traffic control to pipe relining.

The work involved heavy drain cleaning under meticulous CCTV monitoring to effectively clean the pipe while protecting the brittle and delicate host pipe. Civil crews were required to rectify collapsed sections of pipe and create access to buried manholes.

Two pipe relining crews worked around the clock to restore the system’s structural integrity and serviceability for at least the next 50 years, while traffic control crews were deployed to safely mange plant traffic around for the duration of work. M. Tucker vacuum trucks set up a large bypass to keep the team dry over the course of the works.

M. Tucker & Sons’ holistic service offering brought together all disparate ends of the project. Under deft project management, the divisions worked together like a well-oiled machine despite a few project challenges.


M. Tucker & Sons was required to rehabilitate 780 m of heavily deteriorated 540 mm sewer pipeline. The sewer was collapsed in sections, making it not only structurally compromised but also hazardous.

Manholes in the sewer required locating and raising, and the project was also hindered by high peak flows at unpredictable times.

M. Tucker & Sons only had a brief window in which to complete the works while causing minimal interruptions to the sewer network.


M. Tucker & Sons provided the client with a safe and cost-effective solution to alternative reconstruction. While the treatment plant maintained operations, the company provided a UV liner designed to Australian standards to rehabilitate the sewer while it was still on-line.

The company successfully completed all works on time with no interruptions or lost time.


The company installed 786 m of 5.8 mm GL16 iMPREG UV Liner over the course of nine 12-hour shifts, over a five-day period. The team worked tirelessly and seamlessly brought together all facets of the business to provide a true end-to-end service.

Works were installed under a 1 km long bypass setup with two vacuum trucks operating full-time for the duration of the relining works to manage groundwater infiltration.

Thirteen manholes were located raised and reinstated along the sewer, and two 5 m deep sections of pipe were safely excavated and repaired, despite their difficult locations with intersecting utilities and poor ground conditions.

The project was completed safely, as planned, and delivered on time. The client was impressed with the level of safety consciousness, diligence and execution of the team of 20 that worked on the project.

For more information visit the M. Tucker & Sons website. 

This article featured in the December 2021 edition of Trenchless Australasia. To view the digital magazine, click here.

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