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An industry old hand


Hynds Pipe Systems has partnered with New Zealand’s civil and rural infrastructure for nearly half a century.

John Hynds started his first concrete manufacturing business at the back of his first home in 1973, making crib blocks for retaining walls. Together with his wife Leonie, the pair progressively built up their manufacturing capabilities, going on to open their first distribution branch in 1994. 

Today, Hynds is a 33 branch network, serving both the civil and rural infrastructure markets throughout New Zealand. There are now six Hynds manufacturing facilities, supplying the network with a fleet of more than 70 trucks.

Back in 1995, Hygrade Castings was formed to design and import cast-iron stormwater grates and manhole castings or cast-ware. Now, along with a sister company in Australia, the two Hygrade water businesses hold many exclusive world leading agencies.

To complement concrete products, Hynds entered into the polypropylene and polyethylene pipe manufacturing markets in 2005. Hynds’ Waters and Farr business now has two manufacturing, plants and distribution centres in the North and South Island.

The company recently built a state-of-the-art facility on a 26 hectare site in Pōkeno, where Hynds now has the most technologically advanced precast concrete manufacturing facility in the world. 

Hynds has partnered with infrastructure bodies in New Zealand for 48 years, providing concrete and other products for everything from the Auckland Sky Tower legs through to the current Transmission Gully project in Wellington. Today, Hynds Group has over 900 employees across Australasia, totalling nine business entities. 

Hynds’ focus on trenchless technologies has helped the company to develop innovative solutions to supply many major projects in New Zealand. Currently, Hynds is involved in the supply of a high performance jointed precast concrete jacking pipe to the Central Interceptor Project in Auckland –  the largest infrastructure project in New Zealand history. 

Here are some of the company’s major highlights of the last 30 years. 

1993: Trenchless technology was starting to emerge and pipe thrusting was increasingly becoming the preferred method of culvert installation. Hynds designed a pipe and jointing system to take 600 tonnes of thrust-force, manufacturing 58 specially designed jacking pipes for the Albany Trunk Sewer of Auckland’s North Shore.

1996: Hynds further developed joint types that allowed specific in-line or deflected jacking load ratings while offering a sealed or unsealed joint configuration.

After major flooding incidents in New Plymouth, Hynds supplied jacking pipe for to two flood protection schemes: 150 metres of 1200 mm Ø for Pukekura Park and 170 m of 2000 mm Hynds jacking pipe supplied and laid for flood prevention in the Lower Mangaotuku Stream. 

1997-1998: Hynds designed a range of small diameter microtunnelling pipes able to fit within a 3200 mm internal diameter caisson manhole.  The pipe diameters from DN300-DN900 at 2 m length were able to fit inside the manhole along with the microtunnelling machine. This allowed a very small footprint in road berms to minimise above-ground disturbance.

2001-2003: Hynds designed and supplied 3050 mm Ø in-wall joint jacking pipes for Auckland City Council as part of the Motions Creek Sewer Separation project. 

2004: Hynds designed and manufactured 400 No. 2100 mm Ø in-wall joint jacking pipe incorporating Ameron T-Lock PVC liner for the North Shore Wastewater Network upgrade in Browns Bay. This design was developed as an alternative option to the tendered design.

2005: Hynds acquired 50 per cent of Waters and Farr, producing PE Solid Wall pipe used in trenchless technology construction projects. It would go on to acquire 100 per cent ownership in 2011.  

2012: Hynds designed and manufactured 400 m x 1950 mm Ø in-wall joint jacking pipe designed for installation with a 380 m radius curve.

2014-2015: Hynds completed the first jacking pipe job with cast-in HDPE lining, designed and developed for the Panmure Rising Main Project.

2014: Hynds supplied 1,042 m pipe for the Hingaia Peninsula Gravity Trunk Sewer – one of the longest HDD installations completed in NZ.

2017: Hynds manufactured and supplied 1950 mm Ø CL 6 in-wall joint jacking pipe incorporating shear links around the full 360° perimeter for a replacement stormwater pipeline under Albert Street for City Rail Link Project. This special design was required to account for loads arising from future excavations adjacent to the stormwater pipeline.

2019-2020: Hynds manufactured and supplied 3000 m of 2550 mm Ø in-wall joint concrete jacking pipes for the Hunua 4 Watermain project with McConnell Dowell, setting two world records of over 1300 m drives through basalt rock.

2020: Hynds introduces the ‘Perfect Pipe’ range of drainage and jacking pipes, incorporate an integrated plastic lining and interior pressure coupler. No on-site plastic lining welding is required and entry into the pipe is not needed for joint sealing, making it the best choice in durability, strength, and construction safety. 

2021: In collaboration with a specialist consultant, Hynds designed and developed a high-performance joint system capable of withstanding a 7.2 bar external pressure for 2100 and 2400 mm Ø HDPE lined precast concrete jacking pipe for the Watercare Central Interceptor Project in Auckland.

For more information visit the Hynds website. 

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