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Aussie Trenchless dedicated to innovation, quality and safety

Aussie Trenchless

When ‘technology’ is in the name of the industry you specialise in, there’s always pressure to consistently deliver the latest and greatest innovations and cutting-edge products.

It’s no easy feat, but it’s a promise Aussie Trenchless has consistently delivered on since it was established eight years ago.

When it was formed in 2014, Aussie Trenchless was committed to scouring the globe for the latest trenchless products and facilitating their introduction to the Australasian market. The scope of the business hasn’t stopped there, with Aussie Trenchless now supplying products around the world from its base in Sydney, NSW.

The company’s Director Chris Meredith, who will be known to many as the founder of Kembla Watertech, says he is committed to pioneering state-of-the-art solutions.

“From a personal point of view, I’m very passionate about contributing and assisting business owners to grow and enhance their footprint within the trenchless market locally and internationally – it’s part of the DNA of the no-dig industry,” he says.

“We’re proud of not just the products we offer, but also the knowledge and experience we have to support infrastructure owners and contractors on a variety of underground pipeline rehabilitation techniques. 

“Founded on more than 40 years involvement in the water industry, Aussie Trenchless’ skillset covers pipeline assessment, cleaning and CCTV techniques, as well as various rehabilitation processes such as expanding spiral lining, grouted fixed diameter spiral lining, fold and form lining and pipe lining segments, all to enhance and extend the serviceability and structural life of the underground asset.”

SRP Spiral

Manufactured out of the company’s factory in Sydney, SRP EXP is Aussie Trenchless’ close fit structural spiral relining solution, ideal for the rehabilitating sewer and stormwater assets. The fast and easy installation process of its profiles and results in a pipe within a pipe that offers an extended service life of more than 50 years. 

The system – available for pipeline assets from DN 150 to DN 1200 – is manufactured from PVC and is suitable for circular sewers and stormwater gravity pipelines. SRP EXP is designed to fit standard size access chambers and is ideal for tight spaces and areas with bad access. 

As the installation process is unaffected by running infiltration and does not need bypass pumping, it’s well suited to gravity water applications, particularly as it enhances the hydraulic characteristics of the rehabilitated asset. SRP EXP has been supplied as far away as South America, while closer to home, it has been successfully used to rehabilitate critical infrastructure all over Australia.


Another product exclusive to Aussie Trenchless is Pipe Segment Technology (PST), a segmental pipe rehabilitation system specifically designed for traversable trunk sewers, stormwater culverts & maintenance holes.

Pipe lining technologies have the capacity to substantially increase the service life of pipes, and this method is ideal for man entry pipeline rehabilitation for gravity sewer mains. Installation can take place in low flow conditions, and the technology has low capital costs and a small site footprint.

PST lining panels are made of polypropylene material, providing a smooth surface with effective hydraulic performance capacities. Significantly, PST is semi-transparent, mitigating risk and removing guesswork during the completion of gap grouting works.

PST panels are lightweight, easy to install, and ideal for positioning in tight locations, with the product suitable for all pipe types, including round, ovoid and box culverts. Segment pipe rehabilitation technologies are recommended for sewers with complicated and nonstandard shapes.

Lining segments reflect the shape of the host pipe and therefore can be both circular and non-circular. Lining of access chambers can also be achieved using PST segments.

The ring stiffness of PST can be enhanced or altered by attaching circumferential bars, making the product suitable for installing in deep sewers. 

PST is a nimble segmental lining system with a grouted annulus gap, versatile in tight access locations. A static design is completed to verify conformance of the PST lining structure in these types of applications. 

The technology does not require advanced installation machinery and has been used to rehabilitate deteriorated stormwater and sewer culverts.

Complete solution 

With the launch of a grouted spiral fixed diameter lining system for traversable conduits, a fold and form lining system for reticulation networks, coupled with the SRP Spiral and PST Segment technology and other ancillary techniques, Mr Meredith says in combination these trenchless rehabilitation products offer the contractors a total solution for any pipeline renewal projects. 

“Aussie Trenchless will continue to invest in innovation, to ensure a range of lining systems and products offered are available to all contractors,” he says.

“Contractor support plays an important role in a two-way commitment on Australian products to ensure success in timely delivery at competitive rates.”

Having seen significant changes during his involvement in the trenchless industry, Mr Meredith says he hopes the availability and proliferation of trenchless products doesn’t mean contractors and asset owners move away from quality solutions. 

“At the start of the millennium, the industry matured significantly with the entry of overseas organisations into the market,” he says. 

“These new players caused more competition in the rehabilitation sector, as they tried to achieve a market share. Some of these new players have come and gone, but the competitiveness remains.

“Trenchless products have gotten cheaper over the years, but they’ve always been more expensive than the alternative – which is offset by their benefits. However, there’s a responsibility on all of us to ensure the industry is committed to prioritising innovation, quality and safety, over a price.”

For more information visit the Aussie Trenchless website. 

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