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Insituform Pacific: The international standard for rehabilitating and strengthening piping systems

Two years on from being acquired, Insituform Pacific remains the leader in affordable, reliable, and non-disruptive solutions of choice for pipe rehabilitation and reconstruction in Australia.

Killard  Infrastructure is a multi-functional civil construction company that has gained an outstanding reputation in the water utility industry. With over twenty years’ experience working with sewer, water and storm water pipelines, Killard has delivered a vast range of successful projects on time and within budget to many satisfied clients throughout New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. 

Established in 1999 by Jerry Daly, Killard Infrastructure has offered pipe renewal services by conventional trenching since its inception. In January 2020, Killard acquired all shares in Insituform Pacific from Aegion – a worldwide multinational company specialising in the protection and rehabilitation of infrastructure utilising trenchless technology. 

The Insituform name is synonymous with trenchless rehabilitation, known for its cured-in place pipe (CIPP) and other technologies globally. Since its establishment in 1971, Insituform has been providing cost-effective solutions to remediate operational, health, regulatory and environmental problems resulting from aging and defective pipeline infrastructure.

For 50 years Insituform has been instrumental in the creation of products, standards and processes that define the trenchless industry today. With an installed base of over 40,000 kilometres of CIPP worldwide, Insituform continues to offer cost-effective rehabilitation, engineering, and design for a wide range of industries and clients around Australia.

The industry has responded well to Aegion’s patented technology. “We are not reinventing the wheel: we have tried and tested products that are well developed and widely used,” says Jerry Daly, Managing Director for Killard Group. “We have access to all Aegion products and the newest technologies that are used worldwide.”  

Killard is the exclusive distributor for Aegion products, so as newer technologies are created in the United States and England, Insituform’s inventory of renewal options for stormwater, sewer and water infrastructure is continually expanding.

Together, Killard Infrastructure and Insituform can provide a full service, one-stop-shop offering end-to-end assistance. The combined entities offers a holistic solution for clients covering civil and non-destructive asset replacement. 

With over 200 personnel delivering work across Australia, and offices in Queensland, Victoria and four in New South Wales, size ensures a responsive and cost-efficient solution available in all regions of Australia.

Working on live infrastructure, Insituform is no stranger to a good challenge.  One of the greatest difficulties of late has been in relation to logistics and material shortages during the pandemic. 

“Transportation of material has been impacted; however, we are taking an active role to ensure we maintain high levels of performance,” says Simon Davis, General Manager Killard Infrastructure and Insituform. “To date, it hasn’t affected our clients – our work is getting done with minimal impacts and disruption.”   

Killard Infrastructure and Insituform share an ambition to ensure all utility owners have cost-effective solutions for renewing ageing infrastructure.

For more information visit the Killard Infrastructure website. 

This article appeared in the ASTT 30th Anniversary Edition. 

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