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RSM Lining Supplies, Global experts in CIPP Lining Supplies and Equipment


RSM offers a product range and services to support the needs of the developing market for sewer renovation through cured-in-place pipeline (CIPP) systems.

RSM Lining Supplies PTY was first established in Australia in 2011 following the strong success of its parent company RSM Lining Supplies Global Ltd in the UK, Ireland, and Europe. Founded in the UK in 2003, RSM Lining Supplies Global Ltd began as a small business before expanding to a 12,000 sq. ft factory in 2012.

The idea behind the expansion to Australia was to give the Australasian market access to the CIPP technologies and methods available in Europe from a base that could be accessed centrally within the continent (Sydney, Australia). 

As a worldwide company, RSM is focused on offering high quality, industry proven products and equipment for use in the sewer rehabilitation industry. These are delivered by their technically proven personnel who focus on their customers’ needs and develop solutions for each individual project.

Over the years, RSM Lining Supplies PTY has adapted its business model to suit the Australian market, refining their product range and services. 

Stephen Fanning, RSM general manager

Stephen Fanning became General Manager in 2013 and brought with him a wealth of expertise. 

Fanning has a strong desire for success backed by twenty years’ experience. He has also been nominated for the ASTT person of the year award. 

RSM Lining Supplies PTY offers full customer support and on-site practical training in all aspects of lining, patching, and the use of associated equipment for all facets of the CIPP process. RSM has been awarded  IMS Robotic Global Dealer of the year; the company is a proud distributor of IMS Robotic Cutter range and offers training and support across the full collection. 

RSM continues to develop an exciting range of new products available across their worldwide supply chain, such as their specialist liners: Delta Liner, Magmaflex, and UV Cure Speedy Liner. 

Delta Liner is an exclusive product to RSM Lining Supplies – it is an extremely flexible circular knit liner capable of negotiating bends of up to 90 degrees, available in 100mm and 150mm diameter. It is seam-free to guarantee optimum flexibility and suitable for all installation and cure methods. 

Magmaflex is a free flowing, contour hugging, fantastically flexible liner with the capability to complete several diameter changes with ease. It is suitable for use on 90-degree bends and is glass reinforced to provide an increased strength characteristic against traditional felt liners. 

Magmaflex boasts a reduced resin consumption and is suitable for use with ambient and warm cure Epoxy, PU Silicate & UV LED Styrene Free resins. It is available in diameters ranging from 50mm-450mm in a variety of thicknesses. 

RSM’s WRc approved UV Speedy Liner launched back in 2018. It is a glass reinforced GRP woven product with an increased strength characteristic as opposed to standard felt liner. Available in diameters ranging from 150mm to 300mm, Speedy Liner is suitable for UV and LED curing, making it an incredibly versatile UV liner.

From its beginning in 2003, RSM Lining Supplies’ ethos has been to introduce choice and technology to the CIPP industry, positioning it as a forward thinking, market-leading supplier, committed to providing only the highest-class of materials and a top-level service. The company supplies the full package of technical knowledge, equipment, services, and materials to the wastewater industry worldwide.

For more information visit the RSM website. 

This article appeared in the ASTT 30th Anniversary Edition. 

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