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Success delivered with compact battery-operated milling robot


Available from Pipe Core, the German-manufactured Hächler Climbolino®E was the answer to a difficult job at a recently constructed apartment block.

Deployed to the job in Docklands Melbourne, Reed Plumbing and Drainage Solutions were faced with the challenge of locating and removing a star picket from a hard-to-reach sewer line before commencing a reline.

The success of the job hinged on selecting the right milling unit for the job as the only power source was from a portable compressor, and access was challenging, up a flight of stairs and through a toilet in the change rooms of the residents’ communal pool.

External access wasn’t an option, ruling out open trench rehabilitation and vehicle-mounted robotic cutters that wouldn’t get close enough to perform their duties.

The compact battery-powered ClimbolinoE was the obvious answer.

The ClimbolinoE is a lightweight Miling Robot designed to take up as little space as possible. It has all the benefits and technology of heavy milling machines, with solutions from DN 60 to DN 300, but is transportable enough to be moved by hand right to the source of the problem.

It is also quiet to use, a major benefit on this job as limiting disruption to the residents was a priority.

The sewer line leak was called in by the building’s maintenance team and had been assumed to have occurred during the construction phase of the building.  The leak had gone undetected for a period before a blockage occurred alerting the problem to the residents.

CCTV inspection equipment confirmed the location of the blockage, some 6 metres down the sewer line.

Aided by the large display and clear video footage, the ClimbolinoE was used to navigate through the toilet and the bends in the sewer line right to the location of the star picket.

The clarity provided by the unit’s screen meant the team had exact precision and control over the unit from its single-handed operating joystick, preventing any accidental damage to the host pipe while they ground away the star picket with the units powerful electric milling spindle.

After an impressive 45 mins the unit had completely ground away the star picket, allowing the team to reline the pipe and cut out the connections to reinstate them with the same versatile ClimbolinoE unit.

The team were very impressed with the unit, citing,The ClimbolinoE has paid for itself!  We were able to easily manoeuvre the unit up some stairs, right to the source of the problem.

“We were impressed by the power of the motor from a battery-operated unit.  This piece of equipment has saved the builder from a very expensive excavation!”

The ClimbolinoE proved to be a fast and effective solution for the team.

“My team has had huge success with the Hächler ClimbolinoE. It fits in the van and there isn’t a big noisy compressor to carry around. Easy to use. Love it.”

Its compact system design and battery operating system was ideal for this challenging job site and demonstrated the efficiency and versatility of this products.

The Hächler ClimbolinoE is the newest milling unit to be added to Pipe Core’s range of equipment, demonstrating Pipe Core’s commitment to innovation in the industry. 

For more information visit the Pipe Core website.


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