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Continuing the legacy


Pezzimenti Trenchless has been a leader in the trenchless industry for more than 60 years, delivering top-notch results for Victoria’s leading sewer and water contractors.

Pezzimenti Trenchless, now a third-generation family business, was incorporated in 2011 by Joe, Anthony and Stephen Pezzimenti as part of a family succession plan.

Managing director Joe Pezzimenti says he joined the family-run Pezzimenti Laserbore in 1989, followed by Anthony in 1995 and Stephen in 1997.

“My cousin and uncle run the Sydney business, while we operate the Victorian business and work with Victoria’s leading sewer and water contractors,” says Joe Pezzimenti.

The company uses its own Pezzimenti-developed laser-guided micro tunnelling systems and specialises in free boring, sleeve boring and pipe jacking methods.

“We use laser-guided micro tunnelling that involves vacuum extraction for the most effective and efficient method of installing new services for the sewer, water, drainage, gas and telecommunications, along with vacuum-loading and non-destructive digging services, using our state-of-the-art vacuum units,” says Pezzimenti.

The managing director says the company offers unparalleled expertise and technology to provide clients with the best solution for their projects, whatever size.

Pezzimenti Trenchless offers a range of methods to deliver the ideal solutions for each of its clients.

“From gas and water lines to new constructions and the latest telecommunications installations, our seven crews located throughout Victoria and South Australia work to service our clients’ needs, equipped with the latest technology and decades of experience and expertise,” he says.

The company was recently sub-contracted to complete the Ravenhall Outfall Sewer works, a project issued by Califam Constructions and Greater Western Water to construct 894 metres of DN900 mm branch sewer and 181 metres of DN225 mm reticulation sewer as part of the development works on Palm Springs Rd, Ravenhall in the City of Melton.

With nearby road crossings, some parts of the project had to use a micro-tunnelling method to bore under the road crossing.

“We were engaged by Califam Constructions to undertake two sections of micro tunnelling where open cut, a method of pipeline installation that requires opening up the surface of the ground, wasn’t an option, being under two major roads,” Pezzimenti says.

Pezzimenti Trenchless utilised the free boring method to drill directly into an existing manhole without requiring a retrieval shaft, which was a major advantage of its free bore method.

Joe Pezzimenti says free boring offers an ideal way to install services utilising conventional pipes.

In cohesive, stable clays, mudstone and rock, free boring is the most economical method of service installation as conventional pipes can be inserted into the bore.

From the company’s perspective, it says these types of installation are generally the simplest, as the bore self supports.

Pezzimenti says he’s eager to put COVID-19 behind him and looks forward to the year ahead.

“We’re looking at adding another crew to the ranks this year and hopefully expanding our projects and getting a better foothold in the South Australian market,” he says.

Pezzimenti says the company has grown its capabilities to tackle more challenging jobs, and that its major focus has been on developing its equipment to tackle basalt ground conditions.

“We’re always investing in better technology but our biggest focus at the moment is on basalt ground conditions and improving our cutters to handle that,” says Pezzimenti.

“When you work with Pezzimenti Trenchless, you are accessing the very latest in technological developments.”

For more information visit the Pezzimenti Trenchless website.

This article appeared in the February 2022 issue of Trenchless Australasia. Click here to view the digital edition of the magazine. 

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