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New PST on the horizon for Aussie Trenchless

Aussie Trenchless

The team at Aussie Trenchless is passionate about progressing future infrastructure opportunities and accomplishing superior outcomes.

Headquartered in New South Wales, Director Chris Meredith and the team are committed to pioneering state-of-the-art solutions and furthering businesses in the trenchless industry.

Founded in 2014, the company offers a range of unique products in Australia and internationally.

Pipe Segment Technology (PST) is an innovative new lining system, offering a range of benefits including fast installation, construction from transparent material and suitability for live loads, such as culverts under road and rail networks.

Aussie Trenchless’ Pipe Segment Technology is a segmental pipe rehabilitation system specifically designed for traversable trunk sewers, stormwater culverts and maintenance holes.

Pipe lining technologies have the capacity to substantially increase the service life of pipes, and this method is ideal for man entry pipeline rehabilitation for gravity sewer mains.

“The process is cost effective is simple to use, while also maintaining a small site footprint,” says Meredith.

“The PST grouting process will treat external soil void issues as an inherent part of the rehabilitation process.”

Currently, Aussie Trenchless is undertaking a pilot project for a client that will utilise PST for maintenance holes.

“The pilot project is south of Sydney as there are some poor condition catchments causing overflow issues at pump stations,” says Meredith.

“The pilot will trial the PST in one manhole and monitor the performance over some time before rolling the maintenance hole refurbishment program out.”

Meredith says PST has not been used to rehabilitate a manhole before, as it hasn’t been adapted for maintenance hole lining until now.

“What makes this PST unique is that you can access the maintenance hole and complete all work through its existing lid as well as seal all maintenance hole wall faults using a high flow cementitious grout,” he says.

“It is also possible to fill external voids in the soil matrix and seal the maintenance hole bench areas as the grout exfiltrates out through the maintenance hole walls.”

Meredith says the maintenance hole will be two metres deep, with an inside diameter of 1200 millimetres.

Works are expected to be completed by April 2022.

PST lining panels are made of polypropylene material, providing a smooth surface with effective hydraulic performance capacities.

Meredith says PST panels are lightweight, easy to install, and ideal for positioning in tight locations, with the product suitable for all pipe types, including round, ovoid and box culverts.

Lining segments reflect the shape of the host pipe and therefore can be both circular and non-circular. Lining of access chambers can also be achieved using PST segments.

The ring stiffness of PST can be enhanced or altered by attaching circumferential bars, making the product suitable for installing in deep sewers.

The technology does not require advanced installation machinery and has been used to rehabilitate deteriorated stormwater and sewer culverts.

Aussie Trenchless’ Pipe Segment Technology will be on full display at the No-Dig Down Under Exhibition in March 2022.

For more information, visit the Aussie Trenchless website.

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