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Put a plug in it

Drainchem is a leading supplier of drain and pipe maintenance and testing equipment for the drain construction, testing, cleaning and repair industry. The company also services asset management companies within Australasia.

Founded in 1995, Drainchem has grown to become the Australasian representative for key international products. With its primary distribution centre on the Sunshine Coast, the company caters to a wide geographical base.

The company’s main draw cards are its range of heavy-duty, high-quality plugs and its exclusive selection of Warthog jetting nozzles and hoses. Warthog sewer nozzles are the most trusted in the industry. Ranging in sizes from 2 up to 36-inches and available in standard, descaling, and pulling configurations, Warthog offers a nozzle for every job.

Drainchem is also the exclusive Australasian distributor for Plug It® products. Inflatable pipe plugs for drain repairs stop the flow of liquids, allowing operators to make repairs and clean up spills without interruption. They can be used for flow diversion and rehabilitation, and can come with a number of accessories to get the job done.

Jared Medhurst from Shore Hire regularly uses Drainchem plugs to service his customers’ needs and has done so for eight years. “We have customers who do bypassing, blocking for repairs, sealing canal entryways and more,” Medhurst says. 

Warthog nozzle with jets for sewer pipe cleaning. Image: Drainchem

“We use Drainchem for the plug quality, first of all. The service is another reason: Marshall and the team have gotten me out of a jam a few times at short notice. Also, with some bespoke projects where the product hasn’t been run-of-the-mill – I’ve been able to go out there and have him bring a few items up for me to make it work, which makes me look good for my customers as well.”

Medhurst says he also uses Drainchem for their quick response and efficient service. “Because we’re in the hire game, a lot of jobs will be quite urgent, and customers will need things right away. If I don’t have it, [Marshall’s] got it, and he’s prepared to get it ready for me straight away.”

In a recent company update, Drainchem confirmed it acquired a new range of cameras, including a pole camera and a range of push rod cameras for CCTV inspection. The high-quality Germen-made Riezler brand of CCTV inspection equipment has a proven track record in the hire industry including oil and gas.

STV-4 pole camera

The STV-4 is a full-HD manhole zoom camera – an electric sewer periscope for routine inspection of pipes and sewers. The STV-4 can provide the assessment and documentation of the status of sewers, pipes, shafts, manholes, inspection points, separators and collecting tanks without entering a confined space.

Operating cable-free, this full-HD camera is controlled by WiFi using a tabled, PC or inspection car within radio range.

The camera unit features the latest generation of camera chip with high-efficiency LEDs supplied by a compact, rechargeable battery unit. Optimised lighting modules give a far-reaching view into sewers and waste-water pipes while the zoom feature provides a deep assessment of the internal condition. 

Riezler push-rod camera

The Riezler push rod camera system comes with the option of including different camera heads and push rods, and all configurations work from one controller. This flexibility allows you to customise the package to your requirements, and if these change, you can change out the rod or camera to suit your new application.

Another impressive feature is the full pan and tilt camera that quickly connects to your push rod. This feature gives an operator the functionality of a tractor camera at a fraction of the cost. So if you need a compact camera to navigate tight bends or manhole-to-manhole inspections, Drainchem and Riezler have the best solution.

For pipe plugs jetting nozzles and CCTV inspection equipment, Drainchem has the solution to meet your requirement. Drainchem drain and pipe maintenance and testing equipment is used in a broad cross-section of markets such as plumbing, water supply, sewerage and wastewater, stormwater and drainage, pipelines, industrial, rural, irrigation and gas.

For more information visit the Drainchem website. 



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