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DN 1500 – Trenchless rehabilitation with a SAERTEX-LINER® MULTI in De Hemmen

Rainer Kiel Kanalsanierung GmbH and SAERTEX multiCom® carried out a trenchless rehabilitation of a combined sewer with a nominal diameter of DN 1500 within an industrial area of the Dutch town of De Hemmen using a UV-cured GRP pipe liner, available from Pipe Core.

The rehabilitation was necessary due to the deteriorated condition of the nearly 300-meter-long concrete channel.

A SAERTEX-LINER MULTI type S+ was used for the rehabilitation. The SAERTEX-LINER MULTI is a solution with a worldwide proven record of 90,000 installations that offers maximum efficiency for the trenchless rehabilitation of municipal wastewater pipes and pressure lines. A design type S+ was used for this GRP pipe liner in De Hemmen. This has optimal mechanical parameters and is suitable for the repair of pipelines up to DN 1600.

Because the combined sewer was one of the main lines for the town of De Hemmen, the installation was faced with important preparations such as ensuring large water retention, while also lowering the groundwater level to prevent infiltration during installation.

During construction, the rehabilitation route was divided into a total of three sections with lengths between 93 and 96 meters. Due to the dimensions and weights of the three GRP liners, appropriate measures and special equipment were required.

In order to pull the DN 1500 GRP liners into the gravity sewer, the manhole cones had to be removed beforehand. The liners were then pulled in directly from the truck using a conveyor belt and a 10-ton pull-in winch. UV curing was carried out using a particularly powerful light source, a 12 x 1000 watt jumbo light core.

Thanks to the advantages of trenchless CIPP (Cured-In-Place-Pipe) technology and the close cooperation of all project participants, the rehabilitation measure was successfully completed within a few days.

Image credit: SAERTEX multiCom®️ GmbH.

About SAERTEX multiCom®

With approximately €75 million in sales and 875,000 running meters sold in 2020, SAERTEX multiCom® is a leader in the production of UV light-curing GRP pipe liners. The product portfolio includes numerous products for trenchless rehabilitation of municipal and industrial sewers. An important component in the in this portfolio are the innovative SAERTEX LINERs for drinking water, gas and wastewater pressure lines. This range is supported by a variety of services such as project management, application engineering, training programs, rental solutions for installation equipment, and a network of partners.

More than 250 employees work at the three production sites in Saerbeck (DE), Huntersville, NC (US) and Pinghu (CN) as well as at the worldwide sales offices. As part of the SAERTEX® Group, SAERTEX multiCom® uses the company’s in-house expertise to produce technical textiles of glass, carbon and aramid fibers for wind energy, aviation, and the automotive industry. Customers of SAERTEX multiCom® benefit from this through the sustainable improvement of the product range and the highest quality standards.

Image credit: SAERTEX multiCom®️ GmbH.

Pipe Core are proud to be the distributor for SAERTEX multiCom® in Australia and New Zealand and more information is available at:

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SAERTEX LINERs will be on display with Pipe Core at No-Dig Down Under, 14 – 17 June 2022.


Written by SAERTEX.

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