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A powerful drilling solution for tight, narrow job sites

One of the major challenges faced by horizontal directional drilling operators is balancing the need for both power and accessibility. This is particularly the case with large-diameter drilling and infrastructure upgrade projects performed in densely populated urban areas.

These were the challenges faced by WA based drilling operator CD Drilling, which provides drilling services to major national and local infrastructure operators, mainly for urban renewal projects. The company also operates in regional WA providing drilling services to leading mining companies. 

With an increased demand for large-diameter drilling projects in urban areas, CD Drilling approached Vermeer WA & NT for an equipment solution to bump-up their productivity. What they needed was a powerful drilling solution for tight, narrow job sites.

The Vermeer D130S – Combining power with accessibility

With a need for both power and accessibility, the Vermeer D130S horizontal directional drill loomed as the prefect solution for CD Drilling.

The Vermeer D130S is a recent addition to the Vermeer range of drills. Designed and built to take on challenging large-diameter drilling projects, without worrying about space restrictions, the Vermeer D130S also keeps surface disruption to a minimum.

Being ideal for drilling projects in densely populated residential areas, the Vermeer D130S has quickly been adopted by drilling operators around the world. Now, CD Drilling is the first operator in Australia to take delivery of the revolutionary machine.

CD Drilling Operations Manager, Brynn Silke, welcomed the new addition to their fleet.

“The D130S has everything that we need in a drill – heaps of power for demanding jobs, plus a small footprint, so it fits into tight residential spaces, and on the back of a semi-trailer when we need to ship out to mine sites. We’re proud to be the first company in Australia to take delivery of the Vermeer D130S, and it certainly puts us ahead of our competitors,” Silke says.

The Vermeer D130S is equipped with 578,200 kN (130,000 lb) of thrust and pullback, and maximum rotational torque of 20,337 Nm (15,000 ft-lb), making it capable of penetrating through an array of difficult terrains and ground conditions.

Machine manoeuvrability is key to navigating tight, narrow jobsites. With a length of 10.2 metres, and a width of 2.5 metres, the self-contained, compact design of the Vermeer D130S allows for convenient transportation, navigability and minimized setup time.

Increasing drilling productivity

The Vermeer D130S enables drilling operators to increase their productivity through a number of key product features and options.

The drill features an increased rod capacity and an optional crane.

“The D130S allows us to drill more as were able to reduce downtime from changing rod baskets. By having a crane onboard, we don’t need a 15-tonne excavator to load rod baskets. This also means we don’t have to worry about extra equipment on cramped job sites,” says Silke.

The stackable rod box/basket increases the rod loading capacity of the drill. Overall drilling efficiency is further increased by enabling a full set of rods to be loaded into the machine with a touch of a button.

Making it easier for operators

For precision and reliability, the control system in the Vermeer D130S has been upgraded to the Plus+1 operator system, enabling a seamless, user-friendly bore path adjustment experience for the operator.

The Vermeer D130S also includes an AutoSteer system, which automates certain drill head motions, helping operators to set and adjust rotation duration and direction while maintaining a preset thrust pressure to get through hard ground conditions. This enables drilling consistency.

The D130S also features a climate-controlled cab to maximize safety and comfort, thus maximizing operator productivity. An improved engine hood design facilitates hassle-free machine maintenance, so the operator can quickly access various machine components to conduct maintenance checks.

“The new improved features of the Vermeer D130S have emerged from feedback received from operators from around the world. We’re excited to have a powerful yet nimble drill, suited for Australian conditions and inner-city jobs, ready for our customers in our territory,” says Wes McCartney, Managing Director of Vermeer Equipment of WA and NT.

Ready to help you

If you are facing the challenge of powerful drilling in tight locations, the Vermeer WA & NT team are available to help. To discuss your particular specific drilling needs, call (08) 9479 4994.

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