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Providing cost-effective repair solutions

Aussie Trenchless’s SRP EXP Spiral Lining System is designed to rehabilitate pipes from DN150 to DN1200 using a selection of six different sized profiles.

The SRP EXP sizes range from a profile type E7-050-5 for DN150 to DN250 pipes, E9-085-6 for DN300 to DN450 pipes, E14-085-6 for DN375 to DN600 pipes, E20-085-6 for DN600 to DN900 pipes.

Wastewater and sewer pipeline networks are under stress, as time goes by, underground pipeline networks continue to age and breakdown, with repairs using traditional civil open cut methods being far too costly and disruptive on communities.

Aussie Trenchless director Chris Meredith says trenchless rehabilitation techniques continue to grow in volume as they are a cost-effective repair solution.

“The SRP EXP Spiral Lining System can be installed under flow conditions, with no by-pass pumping needed it is quick and efficient using a third-generation high quality profile to ensure ease of installation, providing a value-added outcome for the network owners,” he says.

The SRP EXP Winding Unit and Cages are a standard design. Each winding unit supplied is the same, the cages vary in diameter to suit the underground pipe size and all parts that make up the cages are standard and interchangeable on some cage sizes.

If a client requires a special diameter cage outside of the SRP EXP product range, Meredith says the company can design and supply it.

“I am looking forward to No-Dig Down Under in June this year where we will be displaying our equipment and technologies for the first time in two years following the pandemic,” he says.

“It will be good to see a wide range of trenchless products and services on offer. From construction tools like drilling and micro tunnelling rigs, to location and mapping services, with many and varied lining systems and products.

“In general, all agree that the trenchless industry is in good shape. The industry has solutions for most underground issues to ensure the above ground footprint and disruption is minimised during a trenchless installation.”    

Spiral lining is now available to all trenchless rehabilitation contractors in Australia and overseas through Aussie Trenchless.

Meredith says it is no longer benefiting the special few, with the spiral lining market now continuing to increase due to its availability, versatility, and competitiveness.

It can be installed under flow conditions, used in a wide range of pipe sizes, it has expanding tight fitting profiles and fixed diameter profiles with a grouted annulus gap.

“Spiral Lining profiles will continue to advance, with improved installation techniques and site application as a wide range of contractors become involved in spiral installations,” he says.

For more information visit Aussie Trenchless

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