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Wilmot Pipelining commits to customer service

With these large-scale projects, including the successful delivery of the largest UV cured-in-place (CIP) liners ever installed in Australia at the end of 2021, Wilmot has continued to focus on safety and customer service

The management team at Wilmot strongly believes that customer service and safety comes hand-in-hand.

Wilmot Human Resources (HR) Manager was recently quoted saying, “if our trucks are clean and tiddy and safe, and with our staff well trained, the chances are increased that a tidy job site will lead to customer satisfaction due to quality workmanship and service”.

Managing Director Andrew Wilmot says this quote from the HR department started an important discussion around how Wilmot Pipelining has had so much praise recently around the company’s great service and excellent communication with both the public and the asset owner.

He says the customer satisfaction experience is based on open and honest lines of communication with the client and key personnel delivering on the field. It is also based on well-maintained plant and vehicles and management systems.

Wilmot Pipelining is accredited under International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), 9001- Quality Management systems, 14001- Environmental Management systems and 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management systems.

“With the commitment to quality products and customer service combined with our ISO accreditations for our management systems and service is of the highest quality in the industry,” Wilmot says.

“However, this is not a done deal. We will always continue to improve our processes and management systems in order to deliver quality products and services while keeping everyone involved safe.”

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