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L&D purchases new high-power vac truck

L&D Micro Tunnelling

L&D Micro Tunnelling offers a range of services including free boring, sleeve boring, pipe jacking, hydro excavation, and pilot auger boring, as well as specialist machine hire. Co-owners Luke Lewis and Chris Dean specialise in high-accuracy laser guided boring; the company has three tunnel boring machines (TBMs) operating throughout Victoria with drill heads ranging from DN350 to 600.

As the newest addition to its fleet, L&D Micro Tunnelling acquired a CAP VAC INDUSTRIAL 3200 by KOR in December 2021. Mr Dean says the company selected this machine because it was the best in the market in terms of the power of the vacuum and quality of the truck.

It was the final piece of the puzzle for the company. Finally completing their third laser guided boring machine, LD3.  L&D is no stranger to the CAP VAC INDUSTRIAL 3200. The company previously used to hire the units, but due to the rate at which they were using it on jobsites, it made more economical sense to buy a truck of its own.

The CAP VAC INDUSTRIAL offers both a wet and dry function. The capability of the unit to complete dry vacuum recovery applications increases the versatility and productivity of the unit.  Meaning the company can tunnel through clays adding water as a traditional method, or when they encounter dryer ground condition such as mudstone and siltstone, they can drill through these materials without adding water and therefor recover more spoil per tank. The high power of the vacuum is capable of either method what ever the project requires. 

Since acquiring the new machine, Mr Dean says the truck has been out in the field almost every day.

“It’s really the best product in its class. It’s the most powerful, most versatile, and we use it on nearly every job we complete, we only wish we purchased it sooner.” he says. “Primarily used with our tunnelling machine It also allows us to give clients the option to do hydro excavation onsite as well.”

The CAP VAC INDUSTRIAL by KOR is designed for Australia with a simple and ergonomic design tailored to our conditions. With 270-degree boom rotation and an 8-inch vacuum hose, this wet/dry vacuum recovery unit is ideal for businesses looking to expand their operational capability to complete more dry excavation work.

With a 5100 kg payload, the high-powered vacuum drives higher productivity and efficiency while reducing operating costs with lower fuel burn than traditional equivalents.

Mr Dean and Mr Lewis understand the need for precision, pride themselves on building client relationships and thrive to always deliver an economic, reliable service to companies across Victoria. That’s why they invest in only the best machines to deliver the greatest outcomes for their customers.

Established in 2015, L&D Micro Tunnelling is based in Seaford, Victoria, around 36 km from Melbourne CBD.

For more information visit L&D Micro Tunnelling

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