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North East Water makes breakthrough at Beechworth sewer project

North East Water has confirmed that the Beechworth sewer upgrade in underway.

A 1 km horizontal long-bore is being drilled from the company’s wastewater treatment plant in Woolshed to Beechworth under the Historic Park.

Outlined in a recent video, North East Water shows when the drilling head broke ground at the other end.
The next step is to enlarge the pilot bore before a 1km long pipe is welded together and pulled back through the hole.

Planning for this project began in 2016 and involved an extensive community engagement process. The project is necessary to address sewer overflows from an outlet structure on Church Street to the Historic Park.

The existing pipe system that transfers sewage to the treatment plant is not able to cope with the infiltration of storm water during heavy rain events.

By installing a larger transfer pipe, it will allow more inflow and protect against sewer spills.

The project involves construction of a new pipe from the bottom of Church Street, along Last Street, Sydney Road and Old Chiltern Road, then under the Historic Park to the sewage treatment plant on McFeeters Road near Woolshed Falls.

A new pump station is also being constructed at the bottom of Church Street.

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