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IMPREG Australia’s leading supplier of CIPP liners

UV curing of wastewater pipeline

Global manufacturer IMPREG has become one of the leading suppliers of cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liners in Australia.

The company’s wastewater rehabilitation technologies are considered to be a gold standard solution for trenchless sewer pipe rehabilitation. The CIPP liners are distributed worldwide, and were introduced into the Australian market in 2021.

Since then, IMPREG has continued to supply its state-of-the-art CIPP liners throughout Australasia. Even when faced with supply chain issues during the pandemic, the company has managed to deliver its products promptly from its Beijing-based headquarters, providing much-needed support to trenchless sewer pipe rehabilitation activities in Australia.

Manufactured from high-grade fiberglass and high-quality UV resins, IMPREG’s GL-16 CIPPs can be used for the UV curing  of all common pipes from DN150 up to DN2000. The  liners are thin, to allow for easy handling on-site and in tight operating spaces, while also being robust, with a long working life of more than 50 years.

Their new fiberglass design also means that they can handle larger dimensions, as well as achieve more nuanced gradations of wall thickness.

More information can be found in the IMPREG website.

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