Aqua Metro talking GeoKrete at NDDU 2022

By using GeoKrete, Aqua Metro have designed and constructed a fully structural liner of the Surrey Road Relief Drain. The drain is approximately 100 years old, situated in Melbourne and is 950m long, varying in diameter of 1,200mm to 1,800mm.

The drain includes several sections which pass under Malvern Road, a primary state arterial with a tram line. The liner is comprised of 50mm thick GeoKrete Geopolymer and was designed to rehabilitate the crucial Melbourne drain.

The Surrey Road Relief Drain suffers significant dilapidation along most of the drain’s length, including a series of major and minor defects in the pipe.

The geopolymer liner has sealed all the connections into the drain and has provided protection for the integral services that protrude through the drain. The old brick drain has now been renewed to its original structural integrity and will be protected for years, if not decades, to come.

The project was delivered by Aqua Metro on behalf of Melbourne Water.

Additionally, JHL Civil constructed new manholes to provide safe access to the stormwater drain. WARA PARING CIVIL utilised their NDD truck to locate the services and prepare the drain and newly constructed manholes with a jet clean.

Buntz will be utilising his expert industry knowledge and providing in-depth examples of previous Aqua Metro projects, including the rehabilitation of the Surrey Road Relief Drain, that have been completed using the GeoKrete trenchless technology at NDDU.

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